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  1. lancelot1

    USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower V2 FSX & P3D

    Unfortunately I have not been able to get the wake to follow behind the Carriers. But I think this may be because it appears as though the Carriers are not moving forward. I have been trying to identify the code to control forward motion, but with no luck so far. I have been trying as many wake files as I can find for AI Carriers. As I have AI shiping in the San Juan Strait, I am about to move onto these AI files next and hope to find a solution with these.. I shall keep trying to solve this when I have the time over this weekend and shall try to remember to report back if I find the fix. Lance... ************************************** My USS Nimitz "sim.cfg":- [General] category=Boat [contact_points] static_pitch=0.0 //degrees, pitch when at rest on the ground (+=Up, -=Dn) static_cg_height=0.0 //feet, altitude of CG when at rest on the ground [DesignSpecs] max_speed_mph = 50 acceleration_constants = 0.07, 0.07 //Time constant (effects responsiveness), and max acceleration (Gs) deceleration_constants = 0.05, 0.05 //Time constant (effects responsiveness), and max acceleration (Gs) [Effects] // wake = voo_wake_nimitz // wake = voo_wake_carrier // wake = fx_wake_carrier // 2010 version. = No wake behind USS Nimitz or destroyer screen // wake = fx_wake_carrier // 2004 version. = No wake. Ships are stationary wake = fx_NoWake I was just on AVSIM Library and found a refference to the file below, it may be the fix you are looking for.. File Description: This file includes a complete replacement of the effect files included in my all AI shipping packages to date. It corrects the issue of wakes going towards the sky in P3Dv2.5. You do not need this file for earlier versions of P3D than P3Dv2.5.
  2. lancelot1

    USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower V2 FSX & P3D

    Thanks for the quick reply Rick. I checked it out and donwnloaded the relevent file and fix, I will have a go at these tonight and report back. Lance.
  3. lancelot1

    USS Nimitz & USS Eisenhower V2 FSX & P3D

    RE: RIKoooo - uss_nimitz_uss_eisenhower_v2_fsx_p3d ERROR: Ship wakes going vertical. I have just downloaded this wonderful package and the ships look great. Unfortunately the wakes on the ships are going vertically. I assume this is a problem with fx_wake_carrier. Everything else, including AICarrier2, is working fine. Has anyone come across this anomally or know how to correct it? I am running FSX Deluxe sp2 on Win 7 ..... Lance.
  4. lancelot1

    ORBX Forum Login Issue

    I too am having problems with my ORBX Forum login. I am re-directed to the new "Signiature Rules Privacy Policy", but the add for Welshpool pop-up appears but does not complete and keeps looping back to the initial pop-up screen. This of course has disabled all other links on the page and will not allow me to continue which also prevents me from accessing my Forum Profile. As I have no way of contacting ORBX about this issue (either on ORBX Forums or their Facebook page) does anyone know of a way I could contact them about this issue? Lance.. # I am running on Windows 7