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  1. Infiniteflightbhx

    2D Cockpit

    easy to set the controls of your plane am i right?
  2. Infiniteflightbhx

    plane hanger

    yep i agree i have played another sim with the 360 feature but i understand thanks for your feedback!
  3. Infiniteflightbhx

    Aircraft Failures

    i think engine fires or engine smoke is the best fail!
  4. Infiniteflightbhx

    comments on latest updates

    the recent update makes the auto pilot go funny on every go on infinite flight i pad air IOS 7.1 sometimes the ap system is good but not all the time
  5. Infiniteflightbhx

    plane hanger

    hey all you know when you select a plane it gives you a photo of the livery but i think a 360 preview would be better what does everyone else think ? B)
  6. Infiniteflightbhx

    747 airlines list

    indeed i hope this isn't last on the upgrade list IF
  7. Infiniteflightbhx

    747 airlines list

    British airways British airways (oneworld) Virgin Atlantic Klm Emirates skycargo House colours improvement 747 cockpit rework engine on and off control
  8. Infiniteflightbhx

    Welcome to the Infinite Flight Forum!

    Hey I love this game I feel that in a few years this game will be amazing full of so many planes and features