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  1. GreenHorn

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I am quite sad :( With the old FMS I spend a couple of EUR to get the latest ARIAC (e.g. from Navigraph). According to what I hear from Flight1's GTN I need a real-life Garmin update for a couple of hundred EUR just to keep my GTN database up to date?! I think the standard GPS will not be an Option for me...
  2. I also have no runway lights at EDDH (P3Dv4). The JustSim support forum doesn't seem to be of any help here :(
  3. GreenHorn

    Phenom GPU Issue

    I just installed SP1 but it seems they did not fix the gpu issue :( . The "Battery discharge" message is still there although the GPU is switched on. Or am I doing something wrong?