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  1. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Well some little bad news while doing a flight... Everything is ok, excepted that the blue square centered on the camera center is popping up from time to time... it's really strange...
  2. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Ok folks well in fact, after restarting my computer, it perfectly works... no more artefacts, nor navsim problem, after having moved the navigraph folder on to the P3D root folder!!! It's marvelous! Thanks a lot to all of you
  3. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Ok so I've done a test right now, and it works... almost perfectly well!!! No black screen etc. ! But one problem still seems to remain though See by yourself: However, this is just unbelievable... if i go to another airport by the world tab, the problem disappears completely!!! Second very little problem: navsim function is out of service, and when loading the airplane, an error message pops up, telling that nav, waypoints and airport data couldn't be retrieved... anyway, VOR instrument is fully functional, so I don't care.
  4. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Hi again, I've only found 3 effects files... engine_smoke, vc_light_red and vc_light_white... what is the 4th?? Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Roger, thanks a lot! I'll try today to just move the DC-9 folders as you specified on to the P3D folder + put the simconnect program into that folder. I'll do a feedback!
  6. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    okay; thanks a lot, i'll try tomorrow. Tired of FSX... And just one more question: what is meant by " install the Simmconnect in the P3D folder redist "FSX-SP2-XPACK"? Does this means I can't proceed to a normal FSUIPC installation but i have to specify another folder?
  7. championant

    Coolsky DC-9

    Hi, Sorry for upping this topic; could you confirm mcphat cockpit hd textures is mandatory in order to fully fly the dc-9 on P3D?