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  1. Hello guys, currently just the old livery is available in FSX... I know it is fictional but it just looks too good to be true. two useless versions are currently out there 1) for FS2004 2) for Simmersky Overland (sorry for not resizing) both are incompatible with the FSX PMDG version... wich is what I think most of us use when ur flying an MD11 the 2nd picture of the overland repaint is looking superb, and way better then the pmdg fs2004 version where they were kinda lazy when it came to the tail engine despite several requests, I've had no luck so I'm trying again... thanx in advance
  2. Djaino

    Livery request

    Old topic, new request Garuda Indonesia new livery MD11 (fictional) some indonesian dude made it for overland... and it looks superb check his repaint out here But let's be honest there is only one way to go and that is PMDG anybody knows how to convert this livery to work with pmdg or willing to make a copy of this to fit on the pmdg? would be awesome. thx
  3. Djaino

    MD-11 Repaints

    Hello, I would love to see this one on the PMDG MD11, because it looks stunning! Unfortunately this one was made for the overland so it probally won't work on the pmdg? It is downloadable from and after reading this thread I figured out, that u once made a fictional qatar livery only the download link is now dead? was this the old livery or new livery of qatar airways? Me and my friend have chosen our own airlines to simulate. But we both would love to purchase the MD11 within our companies and simulate real company ops. thx in advance