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  1. Well I think il try 4.6 at 1.30 as it seemed to be ok yesterday and to be honest I didn't exactly test it first, I whacked on fsx for an hour or so and it ran really well, temps seemed to be ok. Have you got a direct link for realbench, seems to be a lot of programs offering these test programs but never know of they are riddled with rubbish lol. One thing I did notice on the gigabyte was when I changed the memory to enhanced performance it wouldn't load. Any ideas why that would be? Not an issue as I've got 32gb but just interested why?
  2. Well after overclocking to 4.6 I ran prime95 and it failed a lot so I've just gone back to stock for now.
  3. Just tried them settings and everything is running ok at the moment. Haven't stressed test it properly yet, any advice on the best program for that. I've downloaded cpu z but apparently it's not very good for testing.
  4. I've just got hold of a skylake 6700k with a gigabyte gaming 7 board. I'm using the nh d14 as the 15 wouldn't fit in my case. Not really got any idea about overclocking but I've read that using the auto overckock isn't a good idea. Is this right?
  5. class2ldn

    Where to install fsx steam

    Yeah might try fsx and the os on the ssd and see. I've never had a load of add ons but the ones I've had are mainly free downloads of aircraft so can these be installed on the hdd or not because they are suppose to go in the fsx folders so I assume not? I'm assuming any scenery add ons would be better on the ssd? What about things like ultimate traffic etc. Can these be run from the hdd? Cheers
  6. class2ldn

    Where to install fsx steam

    OK I get it now, I can install steam on the hdd and then have a separate folder for fsx on the ssd and install it to that in the settings within steam. Just wondering if 250gb is going to be enough. It would only be the os and fsx on the ssd. Contemplating buying another 120gb ssd for the os and have the 250gb dedicated to fsx and the 1tb hdd for the other games like ets2 and omsi etc and certain addons for fsx. Does this sound viable? Also it's best to keep fsx out of x86 program files yes? Just add a separate folder and install it from steam there?
  7. class2ldn

    Where to install fsx steam

    Thanks for that, bit confused as to what a lot of that means as I'm not too tech savvy in regards to different folders etc.
  8. Hi guys, just building a new computer. I've purchased a 250gb ssd and a 1tb hdd. Would it be OK to install Windows 10 and fsx on the ssd? I've seen a few threads about storing the 2 on different ones. Where's best for all the addons? I also play stuff like omsi and ets2 but I guess these could be installed on the hdd as they don't take that long to load anyway. Appreciate your help guys.
  9. class2ldn

    Cannot get fsx se to run smooth

    Well I tried turning my settings completely down and it made about 3 fps difference and I mean everything low or off. The only real difference was when I completely turned off ai traffic but pointless playing the game like that. Seems I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new pc. Had this about 5 years now so time I spent some decent cash and got one that will entertain it. Looking at i7 5930 with x99. Just been on overclockers to spec one up. Any recommendations on what will definitely run fsx with sliders at high. To me its pointless having uk2000 airports etc then turning off the jetways etc to get it to run smooth. Going to delete my fsx cfg aswell and start a fresh one see if I can tweak it a bit for now using the guides.
  10. class2ldn

    Cannot get fsx se to run smooth

    Whats the steve fixer?
  11. class2ldn

    Cannot get fsx se to run smooth

    Well ive got texture resolution all the way to the right. Filtering is set to trilinear Level of detail large Mesh complexity 100 Mesh res 2m Texture res 15 Water effects low Scenery complexity very dense Autogen dense. So not even maxed out and even at manchester only getting around 14fps.
  12. Hi all, i cannot get this game to run smooth. Ive literally tried every tweak on the web and its just not working so im not sure what im doing wrong. My computer specs are as follows AMD PHENOM 1090T 3.20 memory 8gb gtx 780ti graphics Im currently getting around 6-10 fps at gatwick 2000 and even less at egll making the game totally unplayable. Ive tried editing the fsx.cfg and that doesnt help. My nvidia inspector doesnt change anything in the game, im still getting shimmers and jagged edges on the planes so its like its not even recognising it, the only way i can get rid is to turn on aa in the game Can someone give me some idea of where to start, i know my system isnt groundbreaking but it should perform better then that surely. Many thanks.