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  1. I've just downloaded the Just Flight BAe 146 Livery with FMC application and my anti virus, Symantic Endpoint Protection, immediately deleted it say it had a WS.Reputation.1 issue. Does anyone know if this is a genuine problem or just Symantic being over protective? Thanks 🙂
  2. PDC172

    Cockpit Voice - Just Flight BAe 146

    Hi Chock. Thank you for the reply. That's exactly what I've done. The reply I got from Just Flight wasn't helpful - basically they're too busy! So I started fiddling and managed to locate the audio files. On my first try I deleted the files but that caused a problem with starting FSX-SE, so I re-installed the BAe146 program and then used Audacity (a free downloadable sound editing program) to do as you suggested, mute the files. I haven't muted all the files yet, but the ones I have changed are now silent and so far it doesn't seem to have caused any problems with the program.
  3. I'm using Just Flight's BAe 146 as my chosen aircraft for the home built cockpit I've made. It's a great aircraft, but the one thing that is really bugging me is the cockpit voice that screams at me when I get too low or below the glide slope, my height and so on. I've asked Just Flight if there is a way of turning off this voice, but they have basically said they are too busy to be able to help or respond......Does anyone know if there is a way this voice can be turned off? I'm happy to edit a config file or even edit the program, but just need to be steered in the right direction......Thanks :-)
  4. OK, this is the dilemma I’ve got at the moment and would be grateful for some help or advice, please. I’m building home flight deck based on the BAe 146. The diagram on my blog shows the set up for my system - http://bae-146-home-build-flight-sim.blogspot.co.nz/2017/09/setting-up-warping-software-and-using.html I’m using two Dell S320 short-throw projectors for the scenery on a 180o circular screen. I’m using Nthusim software to manage the screen warping. Inside the cockpit I’ve got two standard monitors that I want to use for flight instrument and engine management. The computer I’m using is a bespoke system that I built 2 years ago with a reasonably high end graphic card, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 with 3 Display Ports, one HDMI and one DVI outlet. I also have the option to network my system to a second computer which I was thinking could run the monitors in the cockpit. The problem I have is that I don’t seem to be able to use all the display ports at the same time if I’m using the Nthusim software to warp the external scenery. To do this you have to set the graphic card software to the surround screen setting which seems to then cut out the use of the other ports. If you don’t use the surround screen setting the Nthusim software only displays on one of the date projector screens and you can’t then span it across the full 180o. I would love to hear from anyone who knows how to solve this problem and make full use of the graphic outlet ports. Thanks for any help