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  1. Lazlow88

    Brown taxiways

    Thank you but I tried all shadow options in different ways, unfortunately, it didn't work.
  2. Lazlow88

    Brown taxiways

    Maybe the clouds are good but the taxiways are definitely not as they should be. Yes I do use Steve's DX10 fixer and I also think that my texture settings are good in REX, according with DX10. I don't think it comes either from DX10 or my computer hardware as I've made a lot of flights before, but this bug is something new. Though I don't know what's the cause of it. I also tried to modify a few settings in FSX or REX, just to see if that could make any change, but didn't work. Thanis for your help.
  3. Lazlow88

    Brown taxiways

    Hi. I have an issue with my taxiways, as you can notice it on the pic below. When I'm quite far, they appear brown. They go grey when approaching and it does the same with high clouds, which are looking blue from the ground but normal once I'm getting near them. I'm not sure where this comes from, I'm currently using REX and DX10 preview is enabled, just as usual before. Tried to repair FSX but it done nothing, I would be really happy to fix this without having to reinstall FSX. Thanks for any help.