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  1. Hello everybody, I’m using quite often the AS16 Atis for departure and arrival airports. As I fly into EU all the metars have visibility in Meters , however the ATIS always reports the visibility in miles (I think). For instance yesterday metar reported visibility 2000 meters and the ATIS said visibility 1. Is it possible the make the Atis read the visibility in meters?
  2. rikypara

    Simconnect exception 20

    Hello Nico, I have gone back to 9.11 and it works perfectly :)
  3. rikypara

    Simconnect exception 20

    Wed Jan 10 14:00:33 2018 (utc) version 9.14 PSXseeconTraffic (32 bit) for any user aircraft in Prepar3D v3/v4 or FSX 14:00:33 Start reading and processing parameters from PSXseeconTraffic.cfg ********* Parameters ********** ALWAYS_ON_TOP=0 HELICOPTERS=0 LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=0 LIMITED_VERTICAL_RANGE=0 AUTO_MODE=1 COLLISION_DET_AIR=1 COLLISION_DET_GND=1 LOG_MATCHING=0 LOG_PARKING=0 LOG_TAKEOFF=0 LOG_LANDING=0 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Tue Jan 9 VMRGENERATOR= LATERAL_RANGE=40 AUTO_GND=15 AUTO_BELOW_ALT_IN_RANGE=20 AUTO_BELOW_ALT_OUT_OF_RANGE=30 AUTO_ALT=10000 AUTO_RANGE=15 AUTO_ABOVE_ALT=40 AUTO_VERTICAL_RANGE_GND=5000 AUTO_VERTICAL_BELOW_ALT_IN_RANGE=7500 AUTO_VERTICAL_BELOW_ALT_OUT_OF_RANGE=10000 AUTO_VERTICAL_ABOVE_ALT=15000 LIMIT_VERTICAL_RANGE=10000 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=4000 ONLY_INJECT_WHEN_USER_AIRBORNE=0 FLOOR_ALTITUDE_ACTIVE=0 PARK_STATIC=1 PARK_STATIC=1 ********************************* Version check ... You are using the latest version VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Wed Jan 10 There are 4210 airports in the internal database 14:00:33 Start reading and processing AI_liveries.txt ... ********* AI_liveries.txt summary ********* 5534 liveries read from file AI_liveries.txt 0 Registration codes for a livery generic Boeing liveries for 27 types: B703 B720 B721 B722 B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739 B742 B743 B744 B748 B752 B753 B762 B763 B764 B772 B773 B77L B77W B788 B789 generic Airbus liveries for 15 types: A306 A30B A310 A318 A319 A320 A321 A332 A333 A342 A343 A345 A346 A388 A3ST no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 1127 unique airlines 264 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type A124, num liveries: 4 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A148, num liveries: 6 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type AA5, num liveries: 3 Default livery set for aircraft category Helicopter, type AS32, num liveries: 6 **************************************** 14:00:34 Initializing PSX server at port 10747 14:00:34 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 14:00:34 Microsoft Flight Simulator X connected 14:00:34 Waiting for RealTraffic to connect ... 14:00:35 RealTraffic connected 14:00:35 User aircraft title: FSLabs A320-X Easyjet (Europcar) 14:00:35 User aircraft model: A320, category: M 14:00:36 User aircraft position: latitude, longitude 37.468410,15.057415 14:00:36 User aircraft at 37.468410,15.057415, close to or at airport LICC, dist 0.4 Nm PERCENTAGE_PARKED=48 NUM_PARK_POSITIONS=38 14:00:36 48 % parked set for LICC 14:00:36 LICC has 21 parking positions 14:00:36 10 aircraft to be parked AIRPORT_ALTITUDE_FEET=0 14:00:36 Connecting QNH Reader to UDP port 49004 ... 14:00:36 QNH Reader connected 14:00:36 Connecting Traffic Reader to UDP port 49003 ... 14:00:36 Traffic Reader connected Error: Unknown Simconnect Exception 20 14:00:37 Sim was interrupted... Warning: Flight Simulator disappeared, PSXseeconTraffic will stop ... 14:00:37 QNH: 1012 {"ICAO": "LICC","QNH": 1012, "METAR": "LICC 101320Z 20008KT 9999 FEW030 BKN050 14/11 Q1012", "NAME": "Catania-Fontanarossa Airport", "IATA": "CTA","DISTNM": 0.4} 14:00:37 Flight Simulator disconnected 14:00:42 QNH Reader has stopped 14:00:42 Traffic Reader has stopped Wed Jan 10 14:00:43 2018
  4. Hello, yesterday I updated with the latest version, however It stops working immeadeately giving error simconnect exception 20...
  5. Hi there, i really appreciate the new feature regarding floor altitude. Would it be possible adding in the main interface? Because at some airports I like having the traffic all the way down, in others I’d like to select a floor...
  6. Hi Nico, I really appreciate your hard work and keeping improving this amazing feature. I'd like to propose adding in the user interface the possibility to choose also the arrival gate at destination airport in order to keep it free. Sometimes taxi is very long and I usually choose my parking gate via GSX as soon as I leave the runway. Sometimes as I get there I notice it's busy and then there is very short time to change it via GSX. Waiting for your feedback. Cheers
  7. rikypara

    Problem with traffic on ground

    Yep, now it works! Thanks again :)
  8. rikypara

    Problem with traffic on ground

    Hi Nico! Sorry but I didn’t notice your reply. I can say with 8.6 the problem was solved but I have it again with 8.7. No traffic on ground even if reported by real traffic
  9. rikypara

    Problem with traffic on ground

    Thank you Nico for your amazing job!!!
  10. rikypara

    Problem with traffic on ground

    Yep :(. I was monitoring via Flightradar to check their callsigns and they were correctly reported also on Real traffic display. I had the 3 aircrafts that were next to me in the holding positions...
  11. rikypara

    Problem with traffic on ground

    Hi! Thanks for your prompt reply! I have the tick on “Show GND TFC”, however no traffic on ground. I were at the holding point in LGW and I couldn’t see anyone
  12. Hi! I have an issue with version 8.3 and 8.5 today. When I am on ground I can’ t see anymore any traffic on taxi (the parking aircrafts work fine). They just reappear as soon as they lift off. Could you give me a help? cheers