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  1. Hi Nico, I really appreciate your hard work and keeping improving this amazing feature. I'd like to propose adding in the user interface the possibility to choose also the arrival gate at destination airport in order to keep it free. Sometimes taxi is very long and I usually choose my parking gate via GSX as soon as I leave the runway. Sometimes as I get there I notice it's busy and then there is very short time to change it via GSX. Waiting for your feedback. Cheers
  2. Yep, now it works! Thanks again :)
  3. Hi Nico! Sorry but I didn’t notice your reply. I can say with 8.6 the problem was solved but I have it again with 8.7. No traffic on ground even if reported by real traffic
  4. Thank you Nico for your amazing job!!!
  5. Yep :(. I was monitoring via Flightradar to check their callsigns and they were correctly reported also on Real traffic display. I had the 3 aircrafts that were next to me in the holding positions...
  6. Hi! Thanks for your prompt reply! I have the tick on “Show GND TFC”, however no traffic on ground. I were at the holding point in LGW and I couldn’t see anyone
  7. Hi! I have an issue with version 8.3 and 8.5 today. When I am on ground I can’ t see anymore any traffic on taxi (the parking aircrafts work fine). They just reappear as soon as they lift off. Could you give me a help? cheers