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    A novice trying hard to build up my collection of files and to improve my FSX experience overall

    Real Life Experience: Went Solo in a T52 Glider in 1967 after 32 trips with an instructor. Subsequently flew a swallow ... did not continue due to moving overseas.

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  1. OK, I have looked at the various comments and could not see anything up to date regarding MCE voice recognition not working, possible due to the latest Widows 10 update. I have managed to add text into MCE custom training, but it is a bit time consuming to type in individually all the required patter. I noticed too that you cannot copy and paste text from other sources/files to the training text file. The Windows 10 own voice training it seems does work and I have recorded my vocals into this, reading its content, not however relevant to flight. If anyone has a less time consuming solution, please let me - and others know. Regards Ajay
  2. I have read the posts here and will not expand on the reports other than to say I have the same problem. However, strangely enough I find that training Windows 10 (new upgrade) to lean my voice worked well and I used it with MCE, although some of the more flight/instrument instructions were not all completely understood well by the MCE co-pilot. Perhaps if I repeat the Windows voice training and use flight/instrument words instead of what's written, it may suffice... Keep you posted on this. Ajay