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  1. Bumping this because I have the same problem with 3 portrait 1200 x 1920 with nvidia surround. Latest beta drivers. In windowed mode, I can stretch the frame across all three screens and it works okay, but bezel correction does not work. Hitting alt-enter to switch to full screen mode usually ends up with P3D running on 1 screen and the other two black. I say usually because if I try several times, once in a while, it will actually go full screen on all three, but I can't find a reliable way to reproduce it.
  2. cturner

    Majestic Q400 1.009 patch

    Fixed it! For reference: I have recently uninstalled FSX from this PC, and it turns out that a SimConnect redist is required, and was probably uninstalled with FSX. Running Prepar3d v2/redist/Interface/FSX-SP2-XPACK/retail/lib/SimConnect.msi reinstalled simconnect and fixed the problem.
  3. Has anyone tried the Majestic Q400 1.009 patch (Released May 12)? I am installing this aircraft in P3D for the first time, and the aircraft is completely unresponsive in P3D (starts up cold, no working toggle animations, controls unresponsive, gear missing), even with VC mipmap disabled as per Majestic forums. I'm wondering if this was caused by the latest patch, or if I haven't correctly installed the plane. Thanks,
  4. cturner

    3gb vram enough?

    Hi there, I had the same question as you some time ago and went with 770 4GB for triple monitor 3600x1920. With this card I rarely see usage go above 3GB, but do occasionally see fps drop to low 20s and get some judder, and when that happens wish I had a 780/780ti. I think if you have to get something now, either 780TI, or SLI 770 4GB are good options. 780TI 6GB should be available soon would be the best option.
  5. Thanks guys, points taken. Going with Professional.
  6. cturner

    GPU Advice: 770 4GB vs 780 Ti (3x 1200p)

    Following up as promised. With a single EVGA 770 4GB, 4770 CPU, 3600x1920, FTX NCA, REX 4, I'm getting 30-50 FPS almost everywhere. Some slowdown into the high teens with weather. Totally playable, but still looking forward to getting a second one. I've never seen VRAM usage over 3GB, so the 3GB 780/780ti probably would have been fine/better. Most of my flights however are over 2GB, so the 2GB 770 would be a poor choice. Terrain: 4096 Textures, Max LOD, Ultra Tessellation, 5m Mesh, 15cm Textures Scenery: Extremely dense complexity, very dense vegetation, extremely dense buildings. No cloud shadows.
  7. Given that when P3D V2.0, V1.4 users were given no discount, I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the developer vs professional licenses. The professional license at $199, and based on what happened with 2.0, recurs every "big number" version upgrade. The developer license is $9.99 per month, and could just be renewed to the latest version as they are released. So basically, the pro version is a better deal only if we expect that big number releases are more than 20 months apart. Is there any hint so far on when to expect P3D V3.0? I am ignoring the academic license, as I do not qualify, but could conceivably qualify for the developer license. Thanks for your thoughts,
  8. cturner

    GPU Advice: 770 4GB vs 780 Ti (3x 1200p)

    Thanks all for the very thoughtful replies. I think I've decided to go the route of 770 4GB to start. If performance is acceptable, as I suspect it will be, I have options of either adding a second when p3d supports SLI, or ebaying at not-too-great of a loss and upgrading to whatever NV comes out with next year. This way I at least don't overspend upfront if it's not necessary. I'll report back with my findings.
  9. Hi guys, Looking for some advice from people running Nvidia surround setups with modern cards (3x1200x1920 portrait). There were a few topics on this in the search from late last year, but maybe by now a few more people have tried it and the answers are clearer. Going by all the general gaming benchmarks, the 780 Ti is the obvious choice, but with only 3GB, I wonder if it is sufficient for near-4k resolution simming. Alternatively, although a single 770 4GB is 20-40% weaker than the 780 Ti in most benchmarks, a pair of them edges it out, and would have 1GB more memory available. If we hold hope that one day p3d will support SLI, getting a single 770, with the option of adding a second when p3d supports it, could be the better option. Thoughts?