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  1. I guess i agree to some extent Bob. It is in fact very nice when everything`s working flawlessly, and off course we all have a reasonable reason for wanting a smooth flight in a working sim. However just to throw some more fuel on the fire..., you personally do have 1,325 active posts on this forum. That probably adds up to more then 1 percent of your time spent with the simulator. Just saying :smile:
  2. Funny thing imho is that 50 percent of this hobby, if not more, is all the tweaking, upgrading the computer and the sim, and whatever goes on in the forums. Once the software is "perfect" and we all have 250 FPS directX 18 and a 128 bit simulator we will probably have go looking for a new hobby. What you mean, am i just supposed to be flying around from airport to airport? Where`s the fun in that! Let`s pray to God that we never get to that point..
  3. If you are into realism check out the Dodosim 206. Don`t think i am far off if i say that they have the best physics available. http://www.dodosim.com/fsx206.html EDIT: Yes, works well in 2.5
  4. Hi First of all i want to say thank you for your great work. The models are just perfect and i really can`t imagine the sim whit out the ship traffic. But since the install of P3D 2.5 i have this issue where the tail instead leaving a trail behind the boats, it goes straight up in the sky. Is this a known issue and do you perhaps know a fix? Thanks again! Anders
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