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  1. HappyFlier

    Any ideas anyone ?

    "Rant"? What a sheltered life you must have lived if you can call that a "rant". Sorry, I made a mistake about what to expect, and I reacted badly to the shock of what I did find. (Managed to make a newbie mistake and posted many duplicate posts on the way) I thought the purpose of this forum was akin to that of a library: to assemble an usable body of knowledge about a specific subject. To be sharp, and clean, and as easy to use as possible. Create a list problems, and their solutions. What I did find was a social club, much like the saloons pictured in the movies, Interesting, and colorful. Full of people who will shoot you down at the drop of a hat, and the will drop the hat themselves. Even hired guns, possibly paid by big companies to be there. You know, to control the conversation and what is said. Not too sure the saloon keeper isn't in on that too. Sure, some information is available, after picking your way through the crowd, and sorting the bit of information you need from one particular sentence buried in the babble of conversation. Social is good, I am enjoying myself. Belly up to the bar, and I will pay for the next round of drinks. This is fun. Oh, and to save someone else having to Google it: Pogue Mahone (the Gaelic phrase for "kiss my a**")
  2. Who decides the "best" answer? What is labeled "best" did not answer the question asked, only made a statement of blind faith in the software providers. So, who gets to label which answer "best"? Who decides what is the "best" answer? The "best" answer did not respond to the question, and the answer was only gave a statement of blind faith in two software developers. Faith has it's place, but facts are useful also.
  3. Whell, English being my first and only language, I just figure when I write it out people will know what I mean, guess not. "A little research goes a long way", if you read, and understood what I wrote then you could tell that I had read what what they had wrote and was asking "someone that owns the plane" what really came with it, because I did not just want to take their word for it. As far as seventeen posts, ok, I should have read the little sign closer when the site faded in and out, in and out, and in and out, and not kept pressing the button. I know now, hopefully a one time mistake. Guess I am not used to being on a popular site that has traffic problems. We could also try to rev up a fund raising for more resources. And, "Thank you", to the one person who read and understood that I was looking for reassuring information to help me talk me into, what is for me, a major purchase.
  4. I want it :wub: , but I do not have the 777, it is very (very) expensive. Before I buy it, I want to know I will have the documents so I can learn how to fly it. PMDG's 777 page was not encouraging or informative. The paint_kit link is broken. The 777 Manuals & Training Aids link only showed kits, high quality, but with prices very very high. The description under the "documentation" item of the features list is impressive. But, the person writing the description is not likely to be the person producing the product so: I would like someone who has bought the plane to tell me "What documentation comes with the 777"? Thank you
  5. HappyFlier

    Any ideas anyone ?

    Whell, for starters, create an useful title for your post that does not create a mystery package. "failing to pick up the G/S only the LOC ON MY T7", might have been a choice. Maybe not the best choice possible, because some, like me, might not know what a "T7" is. Many software publishers are going to the use of the forum in an effort to transfer the cost of finding and solving problems to the consumer. It is a method to present descriptions of problems and, by concerted effort of the members, to find solutions to those problems. Such a forum, to be useful, needs to be as dry and exact as possible. Unordered information loses much of it's value. Each set of posts, starting with a title as concise and descriptive as possible, needs to be as thin as possible and cut to the solution of "a" problem. Related problems, and/or information need titles, concise and descriptive, and posting of their own. Social interaction, while pleasant, dilutes the documents needed to accomplish the task. A quotation of poetry maybe enjoyable, but is not very useful in the middle of an engine start checklist. A sharp eye will notice that this post violates everything I have said a post should be. But, I have no real hope that this or any forum will function, according to my opinion, in anything other than a chatroom/blog. So, what do you think? "Any ideas"?