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  1. exceljet

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    I had it for about four years, works great with default aircraft, for the PMDG 737 you need to have the polly pot software interface, when it comes to the QW787 the Buttons do not work like when sellecting LNAV VNAV APP HDG Hopefully QW will pass along the info to pollypot so they can make a QW787 Interface a great unit for the price and if you wait for the black friday sale they have you can buy it for about 350 USD
  2. Greatings I had the GTN 750 working just fine for several days then all of a sudden when starting a flight the GTN 750 boots up and gets to the page where I need to click continue and nothing happens when I do, I hear the clicking sound but the screen does not change The only thing that I did between when it used to work and when it quit working was install XHSI which uses Java I tried removing XHSI no change, I tried removing the RXP and re installing No change, Plug Ins box shows it active but I try to click the continue button in windowed mode or window popped out I get the same result nothing happens please help RXP user since the Jetline 4 days, Flightline T & N which were great products something similar to that is way overdue.
  3. Hi. I purchased the RXP GTN 750 for XP11 about a month ago since the begining it was running smoothly except I could never get the CDI on the HSI to work properly,when set to GPS it never pointed in the right direction evean though the Autopilot was properly tracking the route programmed in the GTN 750 and displayed on the map the needle in the HSI was pegged to one side and pointing in a different direction. But now since a couple of days ago the GTN750 does not get past the page where the Continue Button is, nothing happens when I click continue either with the mouse or touch screen monitor Happends the same in both GTN750 units one and two. I tried uninstalling the gtn 750 completely and reinstalling but the problem persists please help.
  4. Guys when you talk about deleating the compiled shreders folder do you mean compleately deleate the folder and FSX will create a new one or just delite the files inside the shreders folder and the sub folders?