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  1. PE 185

    Really poor FPS !

    Thank you all ! The recommended settings above seemed to work fine for me with the exception of some ground flashing which I can live with based on my system capabilities. All in all, it's much better than FSX.
  2. I recently made the move from FSX to X-Plane and am having serious issues with FPS. Appears that Antialiasing is the culprit, but no idea why the graphics card can't handle more than basically the minimum. I am running no add-ons and It's giving me 13-17 FPS in the stock 737 on the ground at a small airport (best is mid 20's in the air). I've tried all I know and have read, including updating to the most recent driver, turning off the virus software, messing with the Nvidia control panel, etc. I know I don't have the best equipment, but feel that I should be getting much better. Here are my specs: I7- 6700, 16GB Windows 10, 1 TB with graphic card GeForce GTX 1050 ti 4 gb Current settings: Nvidia Control> Ambient Occlusion=Not supported for this application Anisotropic filtering=Use global setting (application controlled) Antialiasing-FXAA=Use global setting (on) Antialiasing-Gamma Correction=Use global setting (on) Antialiasing Mode=Use global setting (application controlled) Antialiasing setting=Use global setting (application controlled) Antialiasing Transparency= Use global setting (off) CUDA-GPU's=Use global (all) Maximum pre-rendered frames=Use global setting (use 3d application) Multiframed sampled AA=Use global setting (off) Power management mode=Preferred maximum performance Shader cache=Use global setting (on) Texture filtering Anisotropic=off Texture filtering Negative LOD=Use global setting (allow) Textuure filtering Quality=High quality Texture filtering Trilinear=on Threaded optimization=off Triple buffering= use global setting (off) Vertical sync= use global setting(use 3d application) Virtual reality prerendered frames=use global settings (1) Rendering Options (Within the Sim) Visual Effects= Maximum(HDR+SSAO) Texture Quality=Maximum (No compression) Antialiasing= Low setting Number World Objects=Maximum Reflections=Minimum No AI, Vsync not checked, or draw reflections not checked. Any help would greatly be appreciated !
  3. Thank you both. I'm non techie, so would this card fit the bill (sorry there are so many options) ?...... EVGA GEFORCE GTX 960 SUPERCLOCKED GAMING ACX 2.0 2GB GDDR5 128BIT PCI-E 3.0 1Also, would you mind recommending an upgraded cord as well.
  4. My first post as I typically find answers through previous posts. My PC specs are as follows: I-7 6700 CPU with a Nvidia GTX 745 @ 3.4 ghz, running on Windows 10 Home, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HD. I bought it a couple of years ago off the shelf so I know it's nothing all that impressive of a PC, but overall it runs FSX pretty well. The only tweaks that I've performed is through the AVSIM guide. So I get a consistent 30 fps while flying, but on final and at the airport (add-on with My traffic 6 at 20%) it typically drops to 11-13 fps. It's not terrible, but gets a little sluggish while turning. Also ground rendering is slow while flying. I would like to purchase the PMDG 737 but am concerned that this aircraft will be a disappointment due to my frame rates already bordering on so-so performance. Should I attempt to overclock to get this over 4.0 ghz (I have no cooling other than the factory fan), or should I just upgrade somewhere, such as a better video card ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm attempting to program where the FO's and ATC sounds comes through the headset, and the rest of the noises come through the PC speakers. According to a few YouTube videos this is possible, but I can't seem to find the way. My HS "on" or "off" does nothing. Any help would be appreciated.