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  1. Hi everybody. I have just bought the Carenado PA46 Meridian with Navigraph extension pack and the Synthetic Vision System. I have to say that the Navigraph extension pack works really fine. Yesterday evening I enjoyed a beautiful flight from LIMF (Turin Caselle airport) to LFMN (Nice). I have used SID and STAR and they have worked smoothly. I have to complain only about the strange behaviour of NAV key in the AUTOPILOT panel. I have armed it before doing manual take off but, as soon as I activated AUTOPILOT, the airplane started to turn steeply 'til I was forced to disengage AUTOPILOT function to stabilize the airplane. Activating the AUTOPILOT first and NAV then made the trick. I have already posted in the Carenado support site for this issue. This evening I will have another flight and test the system again. Keep you updated. Massimo
  2. Hi, guys. After a long period of dealing softly with Flight Sims, I have finally entered the FSX game since two years now, with a lot of satisfaction. I have started studying charts, GPSs, flying procedures and I find that everything is so beautiful. At the end, I have felt the pleasure of creating something by myself and this my first piece of cake I have just cooked. Dedicated to Capt. Robert E. Peary, great explorer of Artic region, here is.... Cessna 337 Skymaster NatGeo. Hope you like it! ^_^