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  1. OK - I'm very embarrassed that I have to go to a forum for help on this but - does anyone know where the altimeter knob is on Dino Cattaneo's T-45 ? I've got about 10hrs flying this plane, love it, and have begun using it as my go-to plane on Boston Virtual ATC, but it's bothering me greatly that I can't seem to be able to find the altimeter setting other than pressing "B" in FSX. Help ! Thanks!
  2. Hey - so i'm totally excited. Just got my new (and first) DS system up and running. I'll post about that experience and how great it's been later. This is specific to monitors. I want to build a cockpit simulator and have a 3 TV setup. Specs for my system are below. As i write this i am displayed on 1 46" Samsung LCD TV and the output is great. The Sim Experience w/ FSX Acceleration turned on high everything is amazing. I was hoping to now expand this to 3 Televisions. This TV is 6 years old and my normal entertainment one, so i planned on buying 3 new ones all of the same brand. Having a slim boarder is important to me to reduce field of view blockages. Question: what would you guys recommend ? I don't see the need to spend a ton of money per TV since they all seem to be pretty good and cheap now-a-days. Also - what cords and/or software would i need to buy in order to make this 3 screen setup happen ? I'm liking the 46" for height and will likely buy 3 of those. Thanks! System Configuration: Chassis Model: Special Deal Hot Seller - Digital Storm ODE V3 Exterior Finish: - Standard Factory Finish Trim Accents: - Standard Factory Finish Processor: Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50 GHz (Unlocked CPU) (Quad Core) Motherboard: ASUS Z87-C (Intel Z87 Chipset) System Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance Power Supply: 750W Corsair CX750M Expansion Bay: - No Thanks Optical Drive: DVD-R/RW/CD-R/RW (DVD Writer 24x / CD-Writer 48x) Storage Set 1: 1x SSD (120GB Samsung 840 EVO) Storage Set 2: 1x Storage (1TB Seagate) Storage Set 3: - No Thanks RAID Config: - No Thanks RAID Card: - No Thanks Internet Access: High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections) Graphics Card(s): 1x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB (Includes PhysX) Sound Card: Integrated Motherboard Audio HPC Processor: - No Thanks Extreme Cooling: H20: Stage 2: Digital Storm Vortex 120mm Radiator Liquid CPU Cooler (High-Performance Edition) H20 Tube Color: - Not Applicable, I do not have a FrostChill or Sub-Zero LCS Cooling System Selected Chassis Fans: Standard Factory Chassis Fans Internal Lighting: - No Thanks Airflow Control: - No Thanks Chassis Mods: - No Thanks Noise Reduction: - No Thanks LaserMark: - No Thanks CPU Boost: Stage 1: Overclock CPU 4.0GHz to 4.4GHz Graphics Boost: - No Thanks, Please do not overclock my video card(s) Memory Boost: - No Thanks, Please do not overclock my memory OS Boost: Yes, Disable and tweak all of the non-crucial services on the operating system Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit Edition) Recovery Tools: Windows Recovery Toolkit (Bundled with Windows CD)
  3. Thanks ! This was helpful. The amount of thinking that went into the 42" setup was: let's see there is a plug that fits both my laptop and TV...yes there is.plugged it in.great it works ! I don't even know what antialiasing is and I can say Ive had no issues with the color.
  4. I've currently got my Lenovo I3 laptop hooked up to a 42" Samsung LCD TV (single VGA) and enjoy the experience of flying FSX Acceleration. My friend at work convinced me to upgrade to a gaming desktop so I'm actually zeroing in on a Digital Storm ODE (Better trim) which has a GTX 780 3GB video card. What I'm trying to figure out and been unsuccessful thus far is whether or not I will be able to hook up 3 televisions to this new desktop so I can have an Forward, Left Wing and Right Wing (or simply forward view expanded) to increase my immersion experience when flying. Does anyone know how to do this? All I need is a schematic and a list of chords to make this happen, or at a minimum someone saying "no you will need two video cards". I'm not really all that tech savvy so my browsing thus far may have contained my answer I just haven't been able to realize it yet. Thanks! BK