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  1. I also found out that, Active Sky Next will make this wind spray effect above FL300(or cruise), if I not using ASN, the contrail will become normal as the official video and no FPS impact for me. Is that any conflict between ASN & 777 immersion? Or something wrong in my ASN setting?
  2. when maintain FL300 or above, the effect come out and have FPS impact. Drop to FPS 20-23(Spot view), normally should have 30-40FPS Wing condensation during takeoff not affect the FPS a lot for me.
  3. Hello, I have same problem with 777 Immersion, and I found out that my contrails is different from the official video or other flyer(something like engine spray come out from T7 wing) it cause huge impact on my FPS.. When I uninstall 777 immersion, it return to normal. Can anyone help me to solve the problem? Currently setting: Steve DX10 Fixer SweetFX Active Sky Next REX 4 Texture Direct PC Spec 4790K 4.4GHz 780Ti 3GB 12GB Ram FSX installed in Samsung 840Pro SSD