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  1. There are no issues. I'm using it with the steam version of XP.
  2. Actually it really was the issue. Maybe it's because i am using the Xsaitek plugin and not the plugin provided by saitek itself. So if i put the switch to "close" position the shaking immediately stops. The switches in the cockpit however are not moved by that action, so it was kind of tricky to determine the cause. But the more elegant way for people experiencing trouble with that kind of stuff is to put a "xsaitekpanels.ini" the aircraft folder and edit it. Look for the line that says "Cowl Flaps enable = 1" and change it to "Cowl Flaps enable = 0". Also you should use that for the magneto switch because it'll prevent you from engine start. So thanks for the help. Problem solved
  3. I am using the AFE for all segments. From before start till parking and dry takeoff. So i should normally not care about the cowl flaps. Maybe it's an issue with the saitek switch panel and the cowl flaps switch. I will give it a check later on and let you know. I am totally aware of these 3 settings for the mixture. Was just wondering why it is recognized by x-plane though and overrides the PMDG mixture settings. In FSX or Prepar3D there was an option using FSUIPC to assign or trigger a specific action/command to a range of an axis movement, so i was wondering if some kind of that would be supposed to happen if i use a mixture axis. So thank you very much for your reply.
  4. Hi PMDG team! I got a big issue with your cockpit shaking feature. Every time i accelerate above about 150 knots the cockpit begins to shake, when accelerating more and trying to go for 200, the whole cockpit is a cocktail shaker and there are no more then around 180 knots possible to fly. No chance to read any instruments clearly. You can see it here: Sorry for the bad quality i just filmed it with my cell. I'm using the current up-to-date version of the DC-6. In every other video i've seen there is no such thing going on. All lever axis are left on idle (actually got 9 of them, 4 throttles, 4 mixture, 1 prop) as told by the instruction manual cause i'm using the AFE. And another question is about the mixtures. I've assigend 4 axis for every mixture and x-plane does recognize them though. However the levers in the cockpit are not moving BUT x-plane does decrease or increase the mixture, because if i pull them into the idle position, while engines are running, they quit or even won't start. So is that a bug or is it just not supposed to use mixture axis for this aircraft? Greetings, Steffen Kollhoff
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