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  1. What control setup are you using? I noticed with my X-55 I would get that, not just with the T7 but others as well, then I figured out that my motherboard had an on board USB problem and when I plugged it in to an externally powered USB hub it went away.
  2. I LOVE the DC-6 in XPlane, easily one of my favorites.
  3. There is a big difference between a completely new version as in the case of the 747v3 and an update. I think they mentioned somewhere that some of the things added with the 747 may filter their way to the T7 thorough updates. AFAIK they haven't announced any major overhauls of the T7 or NGX. IMHO they don't really need it right now, they work fine.
  4. That's a pretty standard note they put on all updates and hot fixes to cover them selves. You can either try it and see if it breaks anything, because yes, it might, or wait until somebody else does and reports the results. Personally I wait a few days after updates come out and see if anybody is having issues.
  5. I was getting a lot of spikes from my X-55 for the longest time and couldn't figure out why. Then I plugged it into an externally powered USB hub and it works great now.
  6. I have the NGX and T7. The T7 is great and a ton of fun to fly but TBH if I had to choose between it and the 744 I'd probably get the 744. But that's just my opinion, they hadn't even released previews of the 744 when I got the T7.
  7. They take a lot of time, they are both very complex birds. If you do get one of them defiantly do the tutorial flights, probably a couple of times, they helped me out a lot.
  8. I plan on getting it for P3D eventually. Not right away though. Maybe around tax time if I'm lucky.
  9. Wasn't that a 742? OT: With this forth coming and the FSL being released for P3D now its time to lock the wallet up!
  10. AFAIK when XP11 goes into an actual release and out of public beta then PMDG and most other x plane developers will release compatibility updates. I copied my DC-6 install over from XP10 to XP11 and fired it up, didn't spend a whole lot of time with it but I did notice that the cockpit lighting wasn't working.
  11. Its adequate. It doesn't take as much into account as PFPX does. Like I said, if all your wanting to do is fly then SimBreif will do just fine but if you want more detail, then PFPX is the way to go.
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