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  1. LT StarBuck 107


    ScotFlieger I understand. Thanks for your prompt responses.
  2. LT StarBuck 107


    Thanks for your kind prompt replay ScotFlieger... That's the key to ask permission to abtain their SDK. Could be obtainable with purchase proof and a promise to use it for your module only... Just a Thought.
  3. LT StarBuck 107


    I'm just speculating or just throwing this one out there for the developers and programmers of LINDA to thinker with. For instance I know about the LINDA TRACER feature... But how can I explain this for simple clarification... But here it is? Can there be a new development In which LINDA can take the tracer feature and automatically pre-flight for you and thus prepare for you the LUA files and package for you the module for any aircraft of your choice and have it all ready in one file module. That would be awesome program. Willist it be called the LINDA MODULE EMULATOR?... Something to think about with all these requests for modules? Sorry if this is the wrong forums to post. You could move my post. Thank you for your time.
  4. LT StarBuck 107

    Module for Carenado Phenom 300?

    I would also request the module too... Sorry if my request seems unappropriate within your post? I would like to donate as well to this forum. I think it is a great resource. Thank you for your time.
  5. LT StarBuck 107

    Anyone Using the G1000

    Yes it will show up in your G1000 GPS MAP.
  6. LT StarBuck 107

    Module Requests - please read

    Hi Guenter, I'm new on these forums and have read your post on requesting modules, let me thank you for your work and support you provide to us simmers. I would like to request if possible a LINDA Module on the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 HD. I'm building a flight simulator. But I'm learning how to use LINDA. Thank you.
  7. LT StarBuck 107

    Martha´s Vineyard Scenery?

    Is there or can I request a Martha´s Vineyard airport scenery. This would be a great add-on scenery. I hope your developing staff would approve. Thank you.
  8. Will there be in development or has any developer proposed and update for the garmin G1000 to add this add-on which is called (SVT) Synthetic Vision Technology . It's a new situational awareness system which gives the pilot a 3D view on the PFD somewhat like the flir system on a F-18 DDI. To explain further here is the product in detail.
  9. LT StarBuck 107

    Anyone Using the G1000

    Hello, I use AivlaSoft EFB electronic flight bag. It lets you create a flight plan and automatically imports it in your garmin G1000. You can even edit your flight plan and save it for future flights. They will even let you test drive it for 30 days. Try it out I recommend it. I have been using It on VATSIM witn my Carenado Embraer Phenom 300 and TBM850 aircraft. Check it out here is the website. Enjoy. Cheers.