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  1. nerdydk

    PMDG cockpit builders edition!

    Where did you buy your sidesticks from or do you know where to buy replica airbus side sticks except from fds? Because I looked int dual yokes and to get a linked system would be 5,000 USD and thats not cheap just wondering the price difference between the two.
  2. nerdydk

    PMDG cockpit builders edition!

    Not sure if there is a difference dynamically with the pmdg or ifly but I support pmdg and it would be good if I could keep going with them, I have the 777, 747, 737 pmdgs and its just a great software to use but I guess I would have to use a different software like prosim, project magenta or ifly still havent made up my mind but the ifly seems the easiest to set up. I have been pondering whether to built an airbus or boeing for a while but I chose the boeing due to their yoke system.
  3. I am currently building a 737-800 home cockpit and pmdg has been my favorite simulator plane model to fly due to its amazing realistic flight capabilities but I am forced to change to ifly becasue it the pmdg is unable to connect with pro-sim or sim avionics, i dont know if it has been fixed but there are many cockpit builders out there and PMDG should consider in developing a cockpit builders edition software just like ifly.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, I looked in some of these software and probably going with ifly 737 cockpit edition.
  5. Hey! I have been flying desktop simulation for years with a CH yoke and pedals, I think its time to upgrade to a full cockpit but I first need some help before I invest so much. I will be ordering FDS cockpit hardware but I am wondering what program is to be used to sync the switches of the cockpit pannels to my PMDG 737-800 and Im wondering what program is used to display the LCD screen instruments? I use FSX btw. I am going to order the FDS B737 PRO-MX-DSTD 2.0, which is fully wired and built.( If so, is there a video tutorial to help, I know how to interlink 2 computer on networks and have quite a beafy setup, just need some help with program choice from experienced cockpit builders :rolleyes: Thanks