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  1. Hi Whan I downloaded FS2CREW for the airbus x and the a318/319 and activated and made all the procedures I clicked in the keybord button to open the main FS2CREW panel it didn't work. I tried to change the key but nothing worked then I reinstalled everyting and it still does not work Hope someone can help Thanks Isaac
  2. Kokorim


    Ok, I was flying from KPAE to MMMX at FL390 so flying southeast. The aircraft was shaking a lot, i was flying the PMDG 737 NGX and i just find it abnormal the a/c shaking at 30 kts of wind. So probably it's normal
  3. Hi i was flying on fsx with rex essentials plus and I saw on the EFIS that winds were 222/30. 30 kts is a lot and the aircraft was shaking a lot. I don't know if it's normal or I did something wrong on the settings so please help me. Thanks
  4. Kokorim

    Watch your brakes!

    What do you mean with RTO's? What is it? The autobrake?
  5. Kokorim

    Problems with the 777

    Thanks for your help everybody. Going to try it next time it happens
  6. Kokorim

    Problems with the 777

    And not only with the full screen, also when i change the weather or the time of the day Ok i'll do that. Thanks
  7. Kokorim

    Problems with the 777

    Hello. I purchased the 777 yesterday. I was flying not in full screen when i decided to put it in full screen. I cliked "ALT+ENTER" then my screen went black. I still heard the sounds like nothing happened but i couldn't do anything. Help me please