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  1. Thanks, Kyle! Actually this was my first post in here. I was not so sure on how to procceed. But thanks for the reply.
  2. Hello! Since yesterday I'm trying to download the NGX 800/900 paint kit at PMDG's web site. It is always giving me a demaged file. I've been trying to download it in 3 different computers and both in Google Chrome and Firefox. The web site says file is 454Mb. But I'm recieving only 218Mb in all attempts. When I try to unzip, I get an error message.
  3. Hello, Gonçalo! I really don't know about the native configs of this processor, but I'm pretty sure you are able to check/change it on your BIOS, as I did with the clock of my processor, increasing it to 4.7 GHz.
  4. Hello, Guy! I have a i7-4790k @ 4.7 OC, a GTX980 4GB, and 16GB 2133MHz RAM. I'm very satisfied with what I got on anti-aliasing configurations. I'm still working to get things smoother and to eliminate the "periodic stutters", as Albert said. Maybe we can exchange some ideias, since our systems are very similar. Call me on PM, if you want.
  5. Does anyone here have any config for i7-4790k @ 4.6GHz + GTX 980? I'm using the config on #552, but I think it might go even better. In terms of aliasing for me it is perfect, but I think there might be some improvement on smoothness. Sometimes the image seems to be gradually updating, just like when you open a gigantic image in photoshop. Sometimes, in sceneries with a lot of trees, the image seems to drag or to flick (don't know the term in English...). It's nothing too serious, but since it's a highend computer, I think it should not happen... Sorry if I haven't made myself clear. English is not my native language.
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