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  1. ok will do also i do i replace the text in the .ini or add to it
  2. also do i need to run the rxp .exe because i dont see the ini thanks
  3. thanks bert i will try this PS: is their any way to update the database to at least the GTN 650/750 one?
  4. Hey guys, I've trying to replace the stock CAR 430s with RXP ones in the A36 by Carenado with no luck. trying to use the config rxp tool and put in the legacy mode no luck i don't think it likes the Avidine System in the Plane. any ideas any help is appreciated
  5. ty worked any way to get the lights working the V and C buttons dont work in the vc https://ibb.co/dG6PcfP
  6. sorry i tried every thing you said still no joy(misalignment/see through panel if post a vanilla panel config can you help?
  7. I thinks thats why cuz i looked at old charts 21r didn't use to be a full ILS does mess up any scenery you have?
  8. Do you have any updates from FSAero?
  9. anyone else have this issue the GP doesn"t work only the LOC for 21R into FAOR? i have Gaffer Sims O. R. Tambo International Airport GAFFER SIMULATIONS - OR TAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT P3D4 thank you for any insight
  10. Hey guys! first off i hope this is the right section (if not i’m sorry). Just bought the Malibu Mirage 350P for P3D i noticed carenado says rxp(fsx only) has anyone been able to put the RXP 530/430 into this plane?
  11. I recently installed the Rxp 430/530 on the 210 (a panel config i got off here) how do i get the nav/coms to be independent because there not when i change one it changes the other. heres my config thanks for any help Th you
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