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  1. Micheal, I tried the HIGHMEMFIX=1 the way you told, but the problem persist. I´ll wait for my new computer in next few weeks to re-install the aircrafts and check if the problem continues. After that I´ll reply this post wth the results! Thank you very much! Raphael Martello
  2. Peter and Michael, Thanks for the reply. I tried the Highmemfix=1 in fsx.cfg but the problem persist. I tried to install the pmdg 747 that i bought with MD-11 to check if the same problem happens. The external model works but the VC doesn´t appear correctly. The puzzle for me is that i have 737s for the last 6 months and it continues to work without any problem. I had to uninstall the MD-11 and the 747s because it was shutting down my FSX when I load the airplanes in FSX free flight menu. So I don´t have the pictures anymore (the original ones I deleted after the first post, but it wasn't load here as you report). Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix it I appreciate! Tks!
  3. Dear all, I just download PMDG's MD-11 last night and when I install the aircraft it apears with problems in external model as shown in the picture below. The tail and parts of both engines simply dispear in the external model. I´ve already try to re-install the aircraft but the problem persists. Does anybody knows how to fix it? Thank you! Raphael Martello
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