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  1. Neucoas's instructions should go into the hints and tips as this is a top tip and all the default mappings are working a treat. The Saitek is all working including the pedals and throttle (apart from the switch panel but who cares right now).
  2. Neucoas You are a genius. Ive been on this all day and never saw that coming. All my controllers are now showing. Thank you Sir !!
  3. Yeah watched it. Only works if the controller is detected in the game though. If it doesnt detect the controller no options as shown in the video work
  4. I think this is a different issue. I assume your device actually shows up in the games controllers menu but it has limited functionality. My issue is i cant see my controllers at all, just the keyboard and mouse.
  5. Yup...There all present and correct. Windows can see the switch panel, yolk, and pedals and they show the correct pictures for the devices in control panel and they show the diffrent axis and buttons being moved / pressed when in the settings for the device. When i installed the game none of these devices were plugged in. I plugged them in after the game had installed and ran for the first time.
  6. So in my case its number 2. in the controllers menu within the game i only see a keyboard and mouse option that;s it. I've even plugged in a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and it wont even show that. ill try disconnecting and re-connecting into different USB ports as suggested
  7. trouble is. the game wont recognise any controllers...just the keyboard and mouse so i cant even do a custom map setup. when you say you had the same issue do you mean the game wouldn't even show the saitek in the controllers menu ? e.g the only options you had were keyboard and mouse ?
  8. i found a folder under steam games (F:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Input) which lists a load of xml files and the saitek pro flight and pedals and throttle are all listed there. not sure what the relevance of these files are but there part of the install files...... ??
  9. I wonder if there's a config file somewhere in the game directory that can be deleted to force the game to scan for controllers again...
  10. yeah they work in windows and other games no probs. Even work in fsx
  11. Ahh ok so i assume nobody else has got these devices working. ?
  12. Yeah, restarted it and rebooted pc If it makes any diffrence, Its the steam edition
  13. Hi All, Is anybody having issues with the game detecting controllers ? I have a Saitek Pro flight yoke, pedals and throttle and none of it is detected. I have also tried to plug in a MS sidewinder FF 2 joystick and it wont even recognise that. All it see's is my keyboard and mouse. Thnx
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