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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies. I have the trainer, v2.4 installed. However it is not on the same drive as X-Plane....does that matter? Also, I have been able to open the trainer and use it no problem, outside of X-Plane...however when I open the 750 inside X-Plane the screen is black and it doesn't respond to anything.
  2. I don't know for sure if this is your issue, but make sure that XPlane is not running in the background, that solved my issue when installing
  3. Hi all...24 hours later for me...48, 72, 96+ hours for some SIM friends that I have seen posting here. I still have a black screen on my GTN....and it is making me so sad 😞 I really really just want to play with my new toy...can someone please give me any advice on what I am doing wrong? I don't want a refund...I want to use my awesome new plug-in. Please help. Please tell me what logs to post or anything else I can do to help the developers help me troubleshoot. I'm so lost....I don't even know what a Garmin trainer install does or why I need it and I'm sure I messed up some piece of the whole install process.....please don't punish my ignorance 😉 The GTN 750 looks so awesome...I really just want to fly with it.......I think I might just work on my actual pilot license and buy a real GTN 750 just to speed the troubleshooting process up 🙂 Please please please developers...I am begging for your help.......it is Friday night and there are so many virtual passengers sitting in the terminal waiting to get home for the 4th of July....don't let them miss out on this wonderful holiday with their family.... 'Merica!!! Anxiously waiting for your response, Steve
  4. I will second that. Frustration can escalate things quickly, I was not being reasonable expecting a 1 hr turnaround at 12am, i was just really worn out from troubleshooting.
  5. The product has been out for what...2 years...maybe more? Why is this forum filled with people having similar issues? How difficult is it to make a Youtube video explaining the install? How about a troubleshooting section of the manual that discusses common issues and provides solutions. I'm glad the product is working for the people who have posted here. However, instead of standing up for a company who is providing sub-par customer service on an overpriced product maybe you should try to understand the frustration that we are feeling. We don't need your stories about other products you have bought and how bad that company's service was. Honestly, if you don't have a solution, keep your comments to yourself and move to the next post. We didn't ask for your commentary, we just want our VERY expensive add to work like it should.
  6. You two obviously are missing the point. After spending $50 on a plug in i should be able to use it, not spend a day troubleshooting and realizing that tons of people have the same issue and no solution is provided. They're should be a lot more work on the documentation for this product. As for the fella commenting about my log being included, I stated that in my first two sentences. If you don't want to read it, you should have moved along to the next post.
  7. 26 views...no replies. I want my money back. why is this so hard to make work????
  8. My experience so far has been garbage. Info provided is so vague. For a $50 add on...you have got to be kidding me. This is Freeware troubles that we are dealing with. Yes the app is beautiful for those that get it to work.....but there is no reason I should have to deal with this much frustration for a plug in that costs as much as any of the best Flight Factor airplanes that run flawlessly!!
  9. I am getting a black screen on the GPS and I get no planes to load the GPS into the cockpit, just the large window that opens. Sorry to paste the full logs into this message, but I see no easy way to attach a file and my troubleshooting patience is exhausted. Please let me know what other info to provide.
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