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  1. I guess that's true, never really thought about it that way, although I wonder how the bug didn't crop up during their testing of the FMS?
  2. Alright, I didn't know that and it does not say in the tutorial or anywhere else as far as I know. That might be part of a lot of my problems . Thanks everyone for the help, and btw, for my 2nd question, I think it is because I was pressing PROF before takeoff causing possible some things to go wonky. If I arm PROF before takeoff, does it make a difference? Edit: Just took out of KORD heading to RJAA, and everything has gone exceed-ling well so far. Let's just see what happens during descent . I've also figured out that I can put multiple flightlevels in at once and it will step climb up to them throughout the flight!
  3. So I am in the middle of the tutorial flight, the first one, and it is going smoothly...I'll update this post after landing. Quick question though, why is the tutorial so adamant about you putting the STAR through the waypoint before and not directly on the airport? Is it a case of the plane would fly over the airport then go attempt to do the STAR after passing over the airport if you did put the STAR information by clicking on the airport instead of the waypoint before? After Starting Descent: This is a complete failure... the md-11 leveled out at 20k ft even though the descent meter on the ND kept telling it to keep descending. So now at this point, I should be at below 10k ft but I am at like 15k ft. After Landing: Well, I landed. I'll start adding pictures of the descent. I have no idea why the aircraft held at 20k ft even though it quite obviously was being told to descend. Hold at 20k FT: http://prntscr.com/b4xde4 Startish of Descent: http://prntscr.com/b4xdwp Tell me if you need more pictures.
  4. Yes, I have been using FSX, and do select the autoflight button before takeoff, and I have no msgs in the green box. I'll try to run through the tutorial again later today. Appreciate the help. I generally do turn on the autopilot at around 400-500 ft. I don't know if this is a factor but other than the tutorial 1 departure, all my departures are in heading mode at first and have you vectored around by ATC. I have figured out the fuel issues though, it was me just not putting the pax/cargo weights into simbrief.
  5. I would just put in the route into sim brief, not change payload at all(<-- yeah I just figured it out), and then create the flight plan to put into my sim. I also put fuel weights into the MD-11 after getting the flight plan. I have been using T/O flap of 22, with A/T engaged. I will try to get images later tonight or tomorrow. All of the approaches I have done so far have had altitude restrictions on way points, generally in the form off cross X at 10000 (not below or above). During the descent, the MD-11 commonly seems to just go above them at least by 1000-2000 ft, sometimes higher, and in my experience ignore them unless it will go below the restriction.
  6. Alright, I know that I already made a thread with one of my problems but I decided I'll just create another one and put all my questions down now. Question 1: When flight planning, I have always used Simbrief and it always gave me accurate fuel values and routes I could use, but it doesn't seem to quite work the MD-11. I always to have to little fuel according the MD_11 and need to add like 50k lb of fuel to make it. Am I doing something wrong in simbrief or something? Question 2: During departure, I always seem to have the problem that the MD-11 won't accelerate. Then when I put up the flaps, the speed will then go up but my MD-11 will then be in the red zone for speed and basically disconnect the auto throttle and cause a lot of issues. Am I doing something wrong here during departure? Question 3: During descent I always find the MD-11 comes in generally high, and makes it really hard to keep my speed low as it tries to catch up. What could be the cause of this? It has caused issues several times as I come into final approach still at like 5000ft to 7000 ft. I know these are all probably really easy and simple to resolve. I have done the basics tutorial flight that comes with the MD-11, but I still had problems with being high on approach on stuff. If you guys have any other tips that would be awesome.
  7. I got it through aerosoft on Amazon, in case you were still wondering. I believe it was around 270 knots so that helps, thanks. Thanks for the clarification, I always thought it was a hard limit even if your aircraft couldn't manage it. Autothrottles were engaged, where do I find acceleration height? I tend to forget to arm PROF and do it after takeoff. Thanks for the help guys so far, wasn't expecting so many responses
  8. Hi, so I got the MD-11 earlier today and I've been enjoying it so far but I've had a few problems. One of those being that when I took off out of PHNL on I believe the MKK4 departure, where you have to use heading to guide yourself to the first way point. the plane climbed like normal to the altitude I set, 5000 ft. What was strange though was that it did not level out or anything at 3000ft to speed up, instead it kept going as if it was a rocket....figuratively. Anyways, I let it go, and after getting to 5000 ft, I raise the altitude again, start raising flaps, and it's fine. And then my plane is accelerating beyond 250 knots, and I am pulling the hair out of my head as to why the MD-11 is behaving like this. If you guys have any pointers as to why all of this is happening, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I am currently looking around and trying to design a build for FSX. So for I am considering the GTX 970 MSI Twin Frozer, but do I need that much for FSX? I want to get smooth FPS, so not neccesarily 30 FPS, and will be 1080P. Addons I am going to be running are PMDG 737, 777, and 747. I also do have scenary for Seattle and other locations, and do have an external weather engine, which I plan to upgrade later. DX10 does look awesome with the cockpit shadows, and so I might possibly get Steve's DX10 fixer, although I can forgo this if it isn't worth it. In terms of cost, it is not set in stone, I just would generally like to keep the whole build less than 1000 if possible but I can go over if needed. I also do play other games including Cities Skylines, Euro Truck sim 2, and modded minecraft. Thanks!
  10. This is working perfectly for me, thank you so much for updating this, even spending your weekend on it. Got the 777-300ER and 777-200LR to work with the new installer even after installing both FSX and FSX:SE then uninstalling them and just reinstalling :SE. Thank you so much! I eagerly await the 737 for Steam Edition.
  11. Today, I decided to uninstall FSX and FSX:SE. Once I had done that, I restarted my computer and used Ccleaner to clean out computer and registry. Once I did that, I install FSX:SE. The PMDG 777 can't seem to find my FSX install, and when I look in my registry, under the AppPath, I see it linked to where the install is. Avery Black
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