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  1. Oh dear me! I spent hours testing everything... it was a little slide switch below the visible area on the chaseplane interface... I just had to scroll down. Thank you Kevin... I think we all have these moments of madness. I would not look out of place sat around a table with Kermit, Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef right now.
  2. Hi... I've just completed setting up my cameras on my aircraft and noticed that the outside views are much darker... the same dullness you get when in an eclipse before totality. It is only like this on the outside views, internal and static world cameras are fine. I don't exactly know when it changed or what I have done to change to this state. I have P3D v4.2 installed, Rex Skyforce, Active Sky for P3D 4.2 and PTA for the same sim... plus Chaseplane. I'm not aware of changing any shaders as I completed my camera setup and I dont know how to fix it. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hello again... I'm back So far so good... P3D working fine now with REX4 TD, REX Soft clouds (a new purchase... I couldn't resist) and Active Sky Next for P3D. Using the stock aircraft that ship with P3D frame rates are quite high. However, no scenery added yet and no additional aircraft. Slight tweaking of the config file as suggested by almost all and minor alteration to nvidia inspector also. I have checked my A2A Comanche 250 order (download) and I did purchase the dual installer... although you now have me a bit concerned. The loss of my A2A 172 and Cherokee, plus my PMDG NGX 737 and 777 was a bit much... if the Comanche doesn't work... even though I'm sure I have access to the right version... that just leaves me with my Real Air Beechcraft Duke... and I haven't even thought about that one yet. If that doesn't work either, then I have no other add-on aircraft at this moment. Louisdecoolste... I have been planning this for a while, looking at P3D and it's add-ons in the first instance and only now, with the support that has been shown here, have I thrown caution and money to the wind and taken the plunge. My planes and scenery are not lost, just shelved for now... just in case a move back to FSX has to happen. And if P3D 3.0 becomes a totally new package that requires new purchases again, then that could be a problem. I am concerned that Lockheed Martin provide access to P3D for academic purposes. In reality this could mean that they change the product at will, with little regard for the 'bonus sideline' that is the flight sim community. After all, this is not their main business. So I only want, I only need one single engine plane up and running for now... I'm hoping the Comanche will do it... if not, I will shop around. I am finding the support and discussions from the avsim community absolutely invaluable, there is so much to learn and so many things to try. Next up Orbx Scenery, Ezdok (Froogle knows how), Track IR5 and thats it for while... some serious flying to do for a bit... if all is well. Thank you Ray
  4. Thank you for watching over me people. I am heeding your warnings and I will be methodical. I'm ready for the long haul and the slow slow process again... I have P3D installed with no tweaks at the moment... just been playing around with the sliders and settings. I have not messed with anything on the config side yet... still researching this. My intention is to get this working first of all, I will then install the Rex4 TD that I already have... test that, install Active Sky Next which I already have... test that and then my A2A Comanche and I did pay a few pounds more for the dual installer. Scenery, airports, terrain, etc etc... including re-purchasing PMDG aircraft will only start to happen once all is well. Apart from paying for P3D I have spent nothing but my time so far. I've just been watching a youtube video/panel discussion on the future of 'at home' flight simulation, I found this quite interesting
  5. Thank you all I knew if I came to the P3D forum I would get the sense of direction I needed. I have a couple of days at my disposal... I'm going to move all my FSX stuff to an old external drive. Remove all residual files and folders. Reload all that I have that is compatible with P3D, go back to the places where I purchased some of my add-ons and re-download the P3D version (some small cost involved in some of these I think), then try to get P3D running as sweet as you all seem to have it. Then make a judgement before re-purchasing my PMDG and A2A aircraft (the A2A Comanche is already compatible I think... this can be my test plane). Reading your responses here it would seem the writing is on the wall for FSX. If I can't get on with P3D... then I can spend the next month or two trying to put FSX back :rolleyes: I love the 'gathering dust' and the 'lifes too short' comments... that tipped it for me. Thank you again Ray
  6. Hello forum I have got myself all confused and in a muddle. I have recently purchased P3D having been a MS Flight Simmer for many years (on and off... work family and all that). I have quite a few add-ons for FSX, including PMDG aircraft that I know I will have to re-buy for P3D. I have A2A aircraft that I understand work with P3D and some airports. I have REX4 Texture Direct, Active Sky Next, Shade (although not sure if I need this anymore), EZdok, Track IR5 and some scenery in the form of FS Global 2010, Ground Environment X Europe, Ultimate Terrain X Europe and last year, purchased ORBX FTX England. I have some utilities too... FS2Crew for the NGX 737, PFPX Flight Planner. I built my own computer and got carried away with making sure it could run the programs I want it to run and have a level of future proofing (an alsmost impossibility in the world of PC's... my graphics card is an nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black... the only bit of hardware I have known to go up in price as new products become available... damn that TitanX). Anyway, my rig has the operating system on it's own SSD, MS FSX on it's own SSD and now P3D on it's own SSD (nothing else added to this yet). I like things clean and tidy so that things can be found easily... and this is my problem. Do I uninstall FSX and free up a SSD and only run P3D? Do I run both platforms in which case do I have to install duplicate versions of my compatible programs on my P3D drive? or will P3D access the scenery folders and utilities on my FSX drive? I understand that P3D makes better use of modern graphics cards and that FSX is no longer being supported by MicroSoft... changing to P3D does make me feel like a captain about to jump ship before the passengers though. Changing to P3D will leave me with some redundant software and some things that I would have to buy again (PMDG aircraft alone will cost a pretty packet). I'm not sure if my scenery will work with P3D either but then again... do I go down an ORBX route only? I'm sure this argument has raged for a number of years now when P3D emerged from the shadows but now we have P3D 2.5 with talk of P3D v3 on the way... and FSX stuck. I used to be indecisive but now... I'm really! not sure. This post is like tossing a coin but slightly biased as it's in the P3D general forum. That's because you have either made the switch or have only used P3D. I would really appreciate a shove in the right direction. Ray
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