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  1. I just bought this and downloaded the four episodes. But the link for Episode 1 is the same as Episode 4, both download the file "004 Samos Final". So how do I get Episode 1? Regards.
  2. Ah ha! Thanks for the info Kyle. Any idea about the "Defuel Reserve 2&3 XFER" switch?
  3. I'm writing a little out-of-process fuel manager/controller and have two questions... I can match-up all the EVT_OH_FUL_* events #defines from SDK\PMDG_747QOTSII_SDK.h with their corresponding switches on the overhead, except for these two.... #define EVT_OH_FUEL_PUMP_AUX_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 108) #define EVT_OH_FUEL_PUMP_AUX_R (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 109) Am I missing a couple of AUX Pump switches somewhere in the flightdeck? Or perhaps they apply to a specific aircraft configuration only? Also, I can't find an event for the "Defuel Reserve 2&3 XFER" (on/off) switch, located behind the breakers at the very rear of the overhead , Does this not have an event ID #defined? Many thanks, Tony Hanratty
  4. Had the same behaviour. Was (fairly easily) fixed by changing the EzDoc view/zoom setting for that view to ensure your eye position is not inside the airframe or the pilot's seat etc.
  5. Wow - I must have downloaded my original install package and re-installed it. But I'm sure the Ops Manager said an update was abailable?!? Perhaps I'd missed the last update and installed that? So confused. Ah well. Thanks for the replies. Tony.
  6. I've recently installed the NGX update with the new VAS-saving feature, what version number should be displayed via PMDG->About on the FMC? Mine show Version 1.1, which I think (?) is what it previously showed. I ask because after doing the install, I "spawned" at Madrid (LEMD) using a Freeware scenery from the Avsim Labrary (ergo a light memory footprint) and only had 980 Mb VAS free as reported by VAS Monitor 1.0. Usually I would expect something up around 1800 Mb with a light scenery. Is there a chance I only had a partial install/update? Regards, Tony.
  7. Thanks guys - the uninstall/re-install approach worked a treat. i now have my weather radar. Regards, Tony Hanratty
  8. I noticed the 'PMDG->About' button on my FMC indicates I have SP1c installed, but SP1d is advertised on the Downloads page on the PMDG website. So I logged in and downloaded the full 737 NGX base pakage using the link from my previous orders. I extracted the "PMDG 737 8900 NGX Base Package FSX.exe" and ran it. But the FMC 'PMDG->About' button still shows SP1c. What am I doing wrong? How do I get SP1d. Thanks in advance.
  9. For a few weeks I have been learning the PMDG 747-400 with FS2Crew Voice Commander and getting used to it. A few days ago I decided it was time to cut my teeth on the PMDG 737 NGX and installed "it's" FS2Crew. Tonight I flew the 747 for the first time in a few days & FS2crew didn't work. I figured "no biggie" but then found it was no longer installed! The entire installation folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)" had gone. I haven't done any investigation yet as it only just happened and it's 4am in the morning, but put simply - can these two versions co-exist together? Cheers, Tony.
  10. You're right! It looks like I was being over-eager and clearing the flaps myself instead of using flaps voice commands. In any event - when the co-pilot does the flaps after take-off everything works. Many thanks for the help.
  11. Dear Support elves, After take off I often get stuck with "Clean Up" on the FS2Crew display. Only sometimes though, which suggests I am forgetting to do something. But there is no mention in the "FS2crew2010 PMDG 747 Main Ops Manual" pdf to either "clean up" or "cleanup" Is there an updated Ops Manual that mentions this state? Or is there a voice trigger or action to get past this point? Many thanks, Dufflepod.
  12. A nice yes or no one line question.... Does the Voice Commander edition add an oxygen test panel to the PMDG 747-400? Thanks, Dufflepod
  13. Eight weeks ago, inspired by YouTube videos from froogle & FSXreality, I took the plunge and bought a swathe of Sim software. I know that's exactly what people say you shouldn't do, but I figured if it keeps me out the pub it will pay for itself in no time (It has!) FSX Gold Edition PMDG 747-400 & 737 NGX Airbus X Extended (still not opened this one!) Active Sky Next UTX Europe & GEX EGGP Xtreme and EGKK Xtreme PFPX + TopCat Saitek X55 stick & throttle ExDoc camera FS2crew for both Boeings I have no previous Sim experience, but my ultimate goal was to fly the 747 from Liverpool EGGP to Gatwick EGKK, and to do it in a sensible and correct way from start to finish. From creating the flight plan, weight & fuel planning, takeoff/landing performance, through to the FMC, understanding the charts, SIDs STARs, METARs and everything. Well, after crawling up the learning-curve for weeks, I've just finished my first, perfect, flight, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I didn't use FS2crew because I haven't learnt all the responses, and without ILS & autopilot I'd probably be a big splodge on the runway, but it went prefectly and I'm feeling particularly pleased with myself at the moment Unfortunately it's nearly 2 am here in the UK and I had to tell someone, so I decided to post it here. Simming rocks! Onward and upward, Dufflepod Smug factor 9.2, possibly a 9.3
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