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  1. I have windows 7 and recently just re-downloaded PSX Seecon and real traffic. I put them both on same computer and installed away from C drive. I started FSX, PSX and real traffic and noticed an error so far. My flight simulator is connected but real traffic is showing yellow. How do I fix this?
  2. I have FSX on Windows 7 desktop and having trouble setting up PSX Seecon Traffic. I know its for Windows 10 but I need help setting up the Network shared version from the manual but need assistance. I tried the installation but still have problems connecting. I would need someone who has experience with FSX and PSX Seecon to help.
  3. Is there a tutorial online on setting up both programs for Windows 7?
  4. Here are my computers: Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit system-Desktop Windows 10 64 bit system Laptop I followed your setup instructions for networked computers but have run into a problem. FSX is installed on Windows 7, SimConnect on both, PSXSeeconTraffic installed on windows 10 laptop. I edited simconnect files with ip address on windows 10 laptop and no connection between FSX and real traffic. I've installed Real traffic on windows 7 desktop. Do I have to install PSXSeecontraffic onto Windows 7 desktop? What am I doing wrong??
  5. I have windows 7 64 bit computer and this is where I use FSX. I read that PSXseeconTraffic is only run on windows 10 and I have a laptop but my sim is on windows 7. Is there a way to connect those or do I have to upgrade to windows 10?
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