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  1. Hello all. First of all sorry for my english. it is not my mother language but I have hope that we will understand each other. I heard that you can hire AI pilots and give the job, tasks etc to do in Air hauler 2. My question is, is there posibility to hire non-AI pilot to airline, I mean players, friends, so they can do jobs for you and eran $ for the same our company? I use FS passengers and FS airlines now, both programs are good but not perfect. FSP can simulate passengers behavior very nicely but you can not run company with friend or hire the friends as pilots. This can do FS Airlines but the way how FSA generates paxes on the airports is average (all the time thousends ppl waiting in the gate even in the smallest airports, so the best to take all would be to put 737 on the grassy airfield, lol ^^) So in one world, I am looking something what would connect FSP + FSA and give posibility to work and run same company with 2 or 3 friends. What posibilities does Air Hauler 2 give?
  2. The same me. I considered o buy it on http://www.fspilotsh...acturers_id=180 but before demo version hes expired I have found probably bug with ATC squawk code on VFR. Evrything was ok until when I left detarature controlled airport airspace, then I wanted to contact to center and ask for traffic advisory. VOXATC understood what I requested and controller gave me transponder code. I confirmed the instruction and set this code to transponder. However controller was repeating this code for ident all the time and I tried to do it on many different ways but VOXATC was doing loop all the time. Taking this under consideration and fact that devs buy system send money back during registration proces I started to think that product has been abandoned... Who will repair VFR loop transponder bug...nobody so will not buy this. I would buy it when it would work like it should but when its not finished and devs are somewhere in miami beach I am not going to buy it. :(
  3. I have tried to buy VOXATC on their website. Whole payment proces via paypal went ok but after 15-20 minutes I have got money back from unknow reason. Then I wrote "contact message" via their conctact page but no answer. Do you know what the hell is going on?
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