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  1. A replica Vulcan joystick style flight control is a great idea and one I hope Chris will eventually address. I believe that the fact that the Fulcrum yoke has greater rotational movement than the Vulcan had, could easily be addressed in the software by generating the fully movement of the control surfaces not at +/- 90 degrees, but say at +/- 45 degrees or +/- 60 degrees for example. Movement of the yoke beyond that point would then simply have no further effect. While an additional simple mechanical stop would be a further improvement, either way it would certainly be a compromise I'd be happy to live compared with not having a Vulcan style flight control. I do hope the Fulcrum will eventually be offered with an optional Vulcan style control.
  2. Apologies if this has already been covered, but I've seen no mention yet of what is essentially the bedrock of the add-on scenery developers, namely that we as users can create our own scenery and add it to FSX ie. you do not have to be a dev or purchase an expensive developers license to make a start. I can only imagine that this is where the majority of devs initially learnt their skills. So will we as users be able to create our own scenery and add it into the new FS2020? If so, I hope this will not require an expensive developers license. Has anyone picked up an info that might indicate what the situation will be?
  3. Hi Rozel, I've just done a similar upgrade to my system, but just to let you know I did not have to re-install WIndows. This is important for P3D as this uses the Windows registry which will be cleared out be the re-install, so you'll have to re-install P3D as well as your hardware drivers. I too had a i7 K5820 on an Asus MB, which I then updated to an new Intel CPU on a new Asus MB and this is the key point, both CPU and MB are so similar that the system will almost start without re-installing Windows. These were the notes I made at the time:- After build tried to boot with original Windows install still in place, but PC would only boot to BIOS. Had to enable CSM and change to Windows UESI in Boot tab. Now it attempted to start Windows, but seemed to stick on 'Adding Devices', so opened the CD draw and added the ASUS MB DVD, which seemed to free it. Then loaded correct MB drivers and rebooted. Started OK this time. Updated GE Force drivers (NB: I was upgrading from a GTX 980 to a RTX 2080 Ti). System was using low settings for Crucial DRAM 3000MHz CAS 15-16-16-35, so Enabled X.M.L on BIOS EZ Mode screen, which worked. I would then strongly advise that you run the following Microsoft utility "SFC /scannow" in a command window as Administrator (to open press Windows Key and X, then A) which will find and corrected any issues with Windows. This saved me a lot of hassle and not to mention many hours reinstalling software, drivers, etc. NB: As X-Plane does not use the Windows registry it should unaffected by a re-install as you've been already advised. Best of luck.
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