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  1. Thanks again. Tried KSTL and KORD and all seems to be fine - everything in the green. Enjoy the rest of the day or night, as the case may be. Dave R. NBL1936
  2. Tried 34.4.2 - same results at KDFW (QNH read issue, no aircraft nearby then RED UDT error) & it shuts itself off...all within 1-2 minutes Tried same at KSLT with same results. Real Traffic seems to be working fine. P3D v5.3, PMDG 737-800; FSDT at KDFW but 'stock' airport at KSTL. Dave R
  3. Spoke too soon......sadly after about 3 minutes running, it went RED with the UPD error and shut itself off. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  4. Kiek, Things work now with v34.4.1 THANK YOU!
  5. I will add my comments. Using P3dV5.3, fully updated. Did the PSXT update, had the UDP error and the Error 33 when spawning at KFLL. Tried restarting PSXT several times....same result. Tried rolling back to the previous PSXT version - no better results. Same error messages. Real Traffic shows traffic on the map and seems to be running fine. David Robinette NBL1936
  6. Reinstalling AIG and pointing to the OCI folder worked. Thanks for the assist. Dave Robinette
  7. So, I wound up re-downloading and installing AIG Traffic. Found the OCI file where the liveries are kept. Pointed the Parameters to that file and things work. The funny thing is that it seems to only work if the "Automatic" box is left un-checked and I do it manually. If I do it with the Automatic, it comes back as Error 50. As I am still installing the AIG files, I have not started up P3D with all of this yet. That will be tomorrow. Thanks for your assist. I will see what happens when I get everything updated and installed. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  8. I just got PSXT set up and installed, with Real Traffic. But, I continue to get various issues. For example, when loading DFW at 1430 CST (a known busy time there) I have zero traffic on PSXT and Real Traffic. * Error 50 when running Liveries. It shows my AIG files in the ...data/regcodes folder but nothing shows up in the liveries folder itself * Even with P3D up and running, PSXT shows SIM in red on the top I know I am missing something, but not sure of what it is or how to fix it. I have read the manual, but trying to figure out how to give an alternate location for the liveries folder (and even which folder to use) is beyond my tech skills. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  9. SOLVED. I had ACTIVATED the Honeycomb Configurator to work with PMDG. I selected the proper profile. But, I neglected to ACTIVATE CURRENT PROFILE. Once that was done, everything works just fine. David Robinette NBL1936
  10. I have a sub menu, but it ONLY gives to re-install/load the profile or to disengage the profile. The AFC_Bridge.dll is installed. All of those are installed in the Aerosoft folder that is on the same drive as P3d, but not within the P3D folder itself.
  11. I went through the 22 minute video from Honeycomb to set up the Bravo Throttle Quadrant; I downloaded the 'pre-made' PMDG 737 NGXu profile from the support page. I tweaked the key assignments in P3D v4.5. I cannot get the Autopilot to work; the IAS, HDG, etc do not engage. The landing gear lights will not come on, the annunciator lights (parking brake, APU, etc) do not light up. I must be doing something wrong, but have no idea what it is. Any suggestions? Dave Robinette NBL1936
  12. Not sure what the issue was, but three is a charm!
  13. I posted this in the 737 NGX-U subforum but want to put it here also. I have twice downloaded the NGX-U updated via my purchase/order page. Twice now I am getting the same error - the main file (installer, etc) is corrupt and Win-Zip cannot extract it. Any ideas? Dave Robinette
  14. Just tried that....get a 'data error' when I try to open the FS2Crew file. Thanks tho Dave
  15. I have twice downloaded the NGX-U updated via my purchase/order page. Twice now I am getting the same error - the main file (installer, etc) is corrupt and Win-Zip cannot extract it. Any ideas? Dave Robinette
  16. And, knowing full well there would not be enough fuel to do it, I tried the same route, with the same SID/STAR in the 737NGX. No issues at all - except for the insufficient fuel warning. It must be something I am missing with the 777 but I have no idea what it is. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  17. Here is a link to a video I just shot, showing what is happening. https://photos.app.goo.gl/0jN5YioppIgv1Uvr1 Dave Robinette NBL1936
  18. Sorry...should have said SimBrief. The route was: BSTER2 VALLY WOLFO AR18 ETECK M202 UKOKA M202 KINER 41N060W 44N050W 48N040W 51N030W 51N020W DINIM ELSOX EVRIN UL607 NUMPO UP2 BEDEK OCK2F I selected the correct SID/STAR from the FMC, and used the proper runways for each 26L for KMIA and 27R for EGLL. Thanks Dave Robinette NBL1936
  19. I have just run into this issue. I loaded a flight plan, prepared via SimFlight, into the PMDG 777-300. I went through all the necessary steps in the FMC regarding the INT, SID/STAR, TO speeds, Approach speeds, etc. I hit ACTIVATE/EXECUTE as necessary. I did all the same steps as I have done before with no issues. This time, when I look at the legs page(s), the airspeed/altitude shows, then flashes to "---/------" then flashes to the airspeed/altitude, then back to the dashes and stays there. I tried loading all into ROUTE 2, but that did not make any difference. I can't figure out what caused the issue as it has not happened to me before. One other thing I noticed was that parts of the legs in the moving maps section of the cockpit (all stock PMDG items) were flashing in 'coordination' with the FMC legs page. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a feeling I am forgetting something, but not sure what it might be. Thanks. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  20. I will add my frustration to this thread. I had done a flight on P3Dv4 both before and after the Windows update. I only had the CTD with the ntdll.dll issue two days ago, towards the end of an EDDF-KJFK flight, with about an hour to go. Ever since then it has occurred. I have tried all options listed on LM's site and elsewhere, to no avail. One thing I can say is that the system runs JUST FINE when it is one of the STOCK P3D aircraft, even with ORBX, FSDT and other scenery loaded. However, when I change to a PMDG AIRCRAFT, I immediately get the CTD error. I have ensured that all push updates, via PMDG OPS CENTER, have been installed. I know LM is planning to issue a fix on/about Oct 10th, but not sure if that fixes this issue. David Robinette NBL1936
  21. On Aug 20th, I checked and there was an OPS CTR update showing on OPS in the notifications. I clicked on the update and it froze part way through. I have since un-installed the 777-200 and re-installed it, figuring it would repair/replace my OPS CENTER. No changes to OC were done by the re-install. However, when I go into PLEASE SELECT A PRODUCT, the 777-200 is MISSING from P3Dv4, when it was there on Friday the 18th. I have both the 737NGX for P3Dv3 & P3Dv4, but only the v4 for the 777. Anyone else with similar problems? Any ideas? Dave Robinette NBL1936
  22. nbl1936

    T7 FMS Error

    Thanks for the suggestions. Got it fixed. NAVIGRAPH was pointed to the wrong folder, and was updating things, but putting it in the PMDG folder, and not the data folder. Great thing about the Forum - someone always has theanswer! Dave Robinette
  23. nbl1936

    T7 FMS Error

    I updated my Navigraph files in both PMDG and AS16. I planned my route via SimBrief, using the updated data. Setting up the flightplan in the T7 FMS, I get an error stating "KORD ERR: 10 RWY NA" and I have NO SIDS/STARS showing for KORD in the FMS. Any ideas? Thanks. Dave Robinette NBL1936
  24. Realize that this is PMDG and not FS2Crew, but since it was here....I did the PMDG update - no issues. Ran FS2Crew and it would not start. Discovered that you have to re-enable FS2Crew AND re-select the keystroke(s) you want to use to make it work. Remember to use the AUTOFEATHER ON/OFF for FS2Crew! (I spent the last hour trying to rundown an issue, only to discover I was not using the correct command.) Hope this helps. Dave Robinette
  25. I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Paul Gollnick, Technical Support, PMDG Simulations, LLC for working on this issue. He sent me the corrected files and things work just fine. Thanks to all! Dave Robinette
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