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  1. ACDC1701

    Sid Depature Problem?

    Okay, can you send me a link to the AIRAC 1505 purchase thingy I fixed it! I just bought the AIRAC 1505 and it seems to work now.
  2. ACDC1701

    Sid Depature Problem?

    Thats weird, cause a week ago I just restored windows 7 and just reinstalled PFPX yesterday. Okay Im gonna go get the Latest AIRAC cycle 1505.
  3. ACDC1701

    Sid Depature Problem?

    Okay I was departing CYYZ (Toronto) using runway 24r and PFPX said bulge1 but bulge1 is not in the SID list. And
  4. ACDC1701

    Sid Depature Problem?

    Okay, so I have been trying to do a flight and I planned with PFPX and then I was ready, then I went into the pmdg 737 and did everything then I went to my depature side, and PFPX and PMDG 737 do not have the same SIDS.
  5. ACDC1701

    FSX SP2 crashes FSX

    No, I cannot install Accerlation It says "The System cannot read the specifed device" If this helps, I had FSX:SE and I went back to Default Fsx so I just reinstalled FSX Yesterday. Forgot to mention, I did a reinstall as I posted the topic still no luck. uiautomationcore-dll does not help the problem.
  6. Hello, whenever I install Sp2 and an unexpected error has occured. Please Help
  7. ACDC1701

    Best way to Record FSX:SE?

    I cannot use this, I dont have the right drivers any other Ideas?
  8. FsRecorder doesnt work. I try to use Instant Replay for landings are hard because it doesnt show spoilers/ and or Traffic.
  9. Title says it all, I installed the NGX and panels are black and cant click anything.
  10. ACDC1701

    Land Textures extends of Water

    okay thank you.
  11. So this started after I started to play FSX again. The water used to extend over body's of water in America, including lakes and oceans. It was just America and now its everywhere because I tried to replace the terrian.cfg with someone elses .CFG they posted in a similar topic and then it started to go everywhere in every body of water. I do not have UTX installed. I have ORBX FTX GLOBAL installed but I unticked in the scenery libiary and deleted the folder in FSX main folder Here is a image: This texts comes up everytime I start FSX: Please Help?