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  1. ageva

    Introducing - Airport2Sim Amsterdam

    Manage it finally 🙂 After few restarts and rebuilds it was starting to work, thanks Ben!
  2. ageva

    Introducing - Airport2Sim Amsterdam

    Ben, Just double checked again my settings, SODE is up-to-date (1.6.4), both GSX and GSX L2 are activated and again up-to-date. Yet on two different aircraft, different parking position the VDGS is blank. Will try tomorrow on my second PC to see if it's something to do with my rig or a general problem. Cheers, Amos
  3. ageva

    Introducing - Airport2Sim Amsterdam

    Ben, Just manage to get home and start downloading the course. Couple of things on first attempt: 1. The file contain A2S-AMS-Files-v2.2 folder. 2. Parking on G2, VDGS was not working or couldn't detect the 737 I was using. Cheers, Amos
  4. Yes, notice it today after updating to 3.4.14 Will open a support ticket via Carenado website. Amos
  5. ageva

    Latest update broke Anticipation

    Thanks Keven! Amos
  6. ageva

    Latest update broke Anticipation

    Same here, updated to 0.1.27 few minutes ago and while taxi to the left, was kicked to the back (didn't try turning right, was afraid to hit the engine ;P) Amos