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  1. Yes was first on this PC, tons on my old...
  2. Hi to all, thanks for your interest. Yes I installed another simmarket product (another airport for p3d v1 that I don't even have installed on my pc). When installation started, on the middle of blue progression bar, I canceled the process so it reverts and erased new folders yet created. Magically after that LICC started flawlessly, opened browser and granted permissions. My faulty pc repaired itself (magic of technology, hi). Thanks again to all you friends.
  3. Yes it does. I yet solved the problem but if there's something else to sort out I'm glad to know in case of future issues
  4. solved following your trick. I really thank you my friend.
  5. Customer support said they won't help me cause is my pc fault so I have to find the cause not they.
  6. Hi Ray, yes I've checked several times. But it doen't say as you wrote. In first (administrator rights) it let me choose language (I tried german even), than says that this will install licc, I agree to license, fill e-mail and serial (tried to copy paste, all uppercase, all lowercase, italics, bold, leaving a space in first and at the end of both. I did really all of this I'm not joking), than it says that during installation a browser may open and upon completion will be provided a code. I click next and leave standard destination folder and standard start menu folder creation. At ready to install phase I click install and "Activation invalid. Please contact customer support" appears. End of games...
  7. Hi Fluffyflops, Something made with simmarket installer?
  8. Hi Alti, in the registry the name organisation is my correct mail. is it correct or have I change with my something? thanks
  9. Hi, I'm working on it really long and still not working. I buy RFSB-LICC-Catania airport from simmarket but when installation starts it says "activation invalid, pse contact customer support" Simmarket says is my pc fault so they won't help me (my pc is a new machine with win 10 64bit 2 months new), I installed many sim software without any issue, so I can't explain. Someone can help me? ps... Pse avoid to advise me to copy/paste serial or run like administrator cause I did all of this obviously
  10. the mic seems not going to sleep. how can I verify this setting in win 10? I disable failures and ugcx and now it works
  11. well is PMDG 737 NGXu Edition - P3D V4/V5 it seems 1.9
  12. Hi I've done the audio test several times but it won't restart
  13. Hi Byork, thanks for your reply. Normally when I speak appears a green line reporting my words. After 10 checks it doesn't displays any green line when I speak. I try to say "descent checklist"... stuck. Try to manually switch to approach checklist section and say "approach checklist" but nothing. Please consider that I used this software (in fsx) for years. Now in p3dv5 for abt 2 weeks... I mean I know what to say and when. It's a pity that I lost my copilot. Is there a method to reset fs2crew?
  14. Hi, often my NGXu stuck after 10 checks. It doesn't recognize any voice command, is like the mic is unplugged. Obviously it works. Is there a method to reset and restart the software in flight? I tried to move to approach checklist, gone back and again in descent checklist but nothing. What can I do?
  15. Yes I have my own panel only for brightness of diaplays. I hate standard dark blue/black. And noticed some small other thing that work better in standard cool dark panel so I will start my session this way in future.
  16. Wow ngx cool and dark panel is working. I overwrite my preferred settings panel and hope it keep working in next times. Thank you Budbud again
  17. Wow, thank you I did't know this issue, hope to solve this way. Thanks
  18. Hi Budbud thank you. Yes I tried but my n2 indicator is dead... I think is a panel software fault because as far as I remember this worked good in the past. But can a pmdg 737 reinstall sort out this? Or maybe fs2crew that mods my pmdg?
  19. Hi guys I have a problem: I need to start engine with external air but there is no pressure in duct until I put both eng bleed switches off. I read both fcom, fctm and qrh but never read to set them off before xbleed eng start. My situation is: Packs off Isol open or auto (also closed but this did not sort out situation) Apu off (and apu bleed off) When I set eng bleed off I notice duct pressure 35-37 If set eng bleed off pressure drops to zero. No faults obviously are active What could it be? Thank you. Ps.I started engines with xbleed several times and as far I remember I let eng bleed switches on everytime. So maybe something under my eyes that I don't recognize...
  20. Yes landing gate of 1000 ft for 5 NM IMC or 500 ft for 4 NM VMC
  21. I have all sliders concern realism to max. Never set they different so I don't know aircraft behaviour with realism not at max.
  22. Can you explain please? I have all sliders on max
  23. Hi, I had a 737 professional simulator journey. The engine is the same (and all other things). Maybe pmdg develops software for boeing simulators? But I need your help for sensitivity elevator settings, I think I have something wrong I use fsuipc axis control. Can you reply please?
  24. Thank you guys all now is much clear.
  25. Hi scandinavian, thank you, no I won't accuse anyone at all, I know pmdg are really the best developers. In fact my post have the question in mind. I don't have raw data at all neither videos. I will try the real 738 simulator on april so I need that my tech skill are correct and supported by real behaviour of aircraft. If pmdg says that thrust are correct I believe and I say thank you one more time. I'm so sorry but my tread were misunderstood. And for clarify I say again that is my impression of fast response but I don't know real a/c. In many post real pilot say that from idle to 40 n1 engines need near 8 seconds and same if you pull back in idle for approach and set again for 50 n1 so it is'nt a good thing to do during an approach for example. Again this is what I think, no accuse. This is only data I have. Maybe my settings are wrong... So please help me to understand. If I offended anyone I absolutely apologize and please feel free to tell me so I delete this tread (or if you want you please do yourself) Pietro
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