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  1. Hello, where can I find the livery of 747-400? thanks
  2. Hi, I want to buy Airbus 330-340 a few tips on which product to buy? Tanks
  3. The wx radar controls are not clickable and the gain dials do not turn. The mouse arrow remains an arrow and it does not turn into a little hand like when you click on other switches in the cockpit. It can be to happen after upgrade installation version 1.10.6461? Before it was ok Tanks
  4. Yes, only those keys. Try to do uninstall it's a reinstall
  5. In the panel ( WX RDR) close panel radio, all buttons of the radar not push - does not work Tanks
  6. It is not a question of clouds or precipitation and that the WX + T - WX and AUTO keys do not work. It does not come to mind for push
  7. Hello, The weather radar buttons do not work. Tanks Mauro
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