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  1. I don't think anyone is saying the size of the windsock is wrong. I believe that the visibility needs to be better as others have said above.
  2. I agree the windsock could either be visible a little further back and/or slightly bigger. The picture posted above is not a good example.
  3. This is a good example of something I would have bought at a reasonable price.
  4. I've never had stutters up until recently and they seem very random location wise. I disabled multiplayer and they went away.
  5. I had this happen when I was just blasting around. If you set the recommended cruise settings it works way better. For example at ~10k 32 inches and 2500 rpm for a faster cruise.
  6. I'm getting this too. Lots of lightning again.
  7. This does seem to work quite well now. I'm not sure what has caused the improvement. I used to leave reproj. off in msfs but after testing it again this morning there was a noticeable improvement. Thanks.
  8. Running as admin worked for me which makes no sense. The more popular speed limiting fixes did not help me at all and I tried them all first... It's frustrating.
  9. As someone mentioned above I just disabled setting optimization. I found the custom settings were too low. I don't mind the rest of the features.
  10. Try running as admin. This shouldn't matter but for some reason fixed the update loop for me. I've never had this problem before the last patch either.
  11. Having flown the bonanza in the past... Very nicely done. Thank you.
  12. I find the weather to be very intermittent. Sometimes it works great. Other times... not so much. I still get the first flight only problem... but not always. I have no idea why this occurs intermittently. Also, I have noticed that sometimes (not always) the weather seems to be delayed by 8-12 hours. I hope it gets fixed sooner than later because when it does work it is quite amazing what they have accomplished.
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