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  1. Running as admin worked for me which makes no sense. The more popular speed limiting fixes did not help me at all and I tried them all first... It's frustrating.
  2. As someone mentioned above I just disabled setting optimization. I found the custom settings were too low. I don't mind the rest of the features.
  3. Try running as admin. This shouldn't matter but for some reason fixed the update loop for me. I've never had this problem before the last patch either.
  4. Having flown the bonanza in the past... Very nicely done. Thank you.
  5. I find the weather to be very intermittent. Sometimes it works great. Other times... not so much. I still get the first flight only problem... but not always. I have no idea why this occurs intermittently. Also, I have noticed that sometimes (not always) the weather seems to be delayed by 8-12 hours. I hope it gets fixed sooner than later because when it does work it is quite amazing what they have accomplished.
  6. I'm having the same issues. The upper winds appear to be fixed which is great. The airport weather seems to be intermittent. Most of the time the clouds and precip seem to be close. Most of the time... However, the winds on the ground still aren't accurate. The strange thing is I switched from testing this out in Canada and the US and went to Europe where there was actual 30 kt winds in the metar. The first airport only reported 7 knot winds. I returned to menu (not exit) and selected another airport not even 50km away reporting a metar of 30kts and it worked great. Crosswind, turbulence... Went back to first airport: 7 kts. Work in progress I guess. Another strange thing I noticed was with the load in wind info box. When you select runway departure and get the moving camera view there is that little info box with airport and aircraft info in the lower left corner. When I loaded in to the first European airport mentioned above for about 1 second the wind actually said 30kts. I watched it suddenly change to 7 right in that info box. That was bizarre.
  7. I've had a K70 for a couple of years now. Just yesterday I finally uninstalled icue after being annoyed by it's resource use for far too long. Kind of hard to tell if it had any effect on the sim but it's definitely nice to have it gone. I wish there was a light weight app to still have some rgb utility without all the nonsense running in the background.
  8. Very intermittent here. North America does seem worse but no consistency to that either. I do notice sometimes that the wind sock appears to be correct from a distance but as I get closer (lower on approach) it then blinks and drops to calm.
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