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  1. I think I have resolved this issue. It looks like Prepar3D has an issue related to control assignment. I noticed that when I set my hardware throttle to idle position, the throttle in virtual cockpit of 777 is not set in idle position. It is moved forward a little bit. So what I have done: 1. I deleted throttle assignments through Prepar3D and reconfigured it through FSUIPC. 2. I set 'MANUAL THROTTLE OVERRIDE' option to 'NEVER' in FMC PMDG menu. After the actions above I have completed 4 landings without having this issue.
  2. You can ask your real pilots how it is possible to force the aircraft to maintain constant speed (VREF+5) after main gear touch the runway and having throttles in IDLE position. I know what they will say, they will say its impossible. So there is an issue either with the aircraft or with some addons. It happens for me in different airports and different weather conditions. It has never happened in FSX, only P3D has the issue. I use GSX, Active Sky, EZCA 2, PMDG 737, FSLabsA320, many ORBX packages, FSGX2010(global mesh), Zinertek HD Airport Graphics, ENVTEX, FS2Crew PMDG777 and many airport scenery that I believe should not be the cause. I have no idea why only few people experience this issue, it seems like the cause is some third party addon.
  3. I confirm the issue. My favourite bird is parked in hangar until the issue will be resolved. The issue happens from time to time. When the aircraft touches the ground with speed of Vref+5 and the throttles are set to idle, the speed is not reduced at all (the aircraft can overfly the whole 4000 meters long runway with constant speed and IDLE !!! thrust) until I push the control column and force the nose gear down. Only after that action aircraft becomes controllable and I can apply reverse and stop the aircraft.
  4. After SP1c was installed, the issue above is also fixed. Thank you PMDG! You are the best.
  5. I want to add that for me this issue happens even with no time compression (1X) It happens when being on cruiz I press "windows" button and switch task to another application (Chrome, ASN map, Acrobat Reader etc). Then I come back to FSX and observe that my plane begin to make left or right bank (note: route hasn't any turns on NAV display) but the HEADING ROSE on the NAV DISPLAY doesn't change! It happens on both - 772LR and 77W
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