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  1. Guys, Thanks for the help. I was able to get it to work. I downloaded & unzipped the files to a different location and it worked as expected. Again, thanks for the help and great customer service. Regards, Bob
  2. I have downloaded it three times and it still receive the error message. I am a longtime user and have never had this problem before. Thanks again for your prompt response. Regards, Bob
  3. The GTN Database 1909 fails to install. I get the following error message 'A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file H:\DBsl.cab has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt.' Please advise. Regards, Bob
  4. Tom, Thank you for responding. Yes, I am referring to the X-Trident Bell 412 and I have set the options REALITYXP 1. Unfortunately, this has not corrected the problem. I was wondering if there is a way to disable the X-Plane 530? Another thought is that the GTN 750 settings are causing the conflict. Regards, Bob
  5. I was wondering if someone could help me with my GTN 750 autopilot? I am flying the AB-412 Helicopter which comes equipped with the X-Plane 530. The problem that I am experiencing is that when I create a flight plan in the GTN 750, the only way that I can get it to track the active leg is to select the OBS key on the X-Plane 530. The Helicopter will track the current leg to the waypoint but will not fly to the next waypoint in the plan unless I select the OBS key on the X-Plane 530 again. In fact, I must do this with every waypoint throughout the entire plan, if not the Helicopter veers off course and fly’s around aimlessly. I am not sure if it is a setting issue with the GTN 750, or the AB-412 Helicopter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bob
  6. I have discovered what my issues was with the F-35A. When loading the aircraft, the X-Plane G1000 is hidden. I must open the G1000 and delete the previous flight plan that was stored. After deleting the G1000 flight plan I must ensure that the Major device is selected on the GTN1. Then I can build the flight plan in the Reality XP GTN and it works as expected. Regards, Bob
  7. I just purchased and installed the F-35A. It comes equipped with the X-Plane G1000. Unfortunately, while flying with the GTN 750 the LOC must be selected at every waypoint or it will not follow the flight plan. Additionally, If I disable the GTN 750 and try using the X-Plane G1000 I cannot change the NAV SOURCE in order to capture the ILS. Normally, I would re-enable the GTN 750; touch the CDI key to toggle navigation source and disable the GTN 750 again. Unfortunately, this not only does not work, it deletes the X-Plane G1000 flight plan. I have reviewed the RealityXP support forum and discovered similar issues regarding the X-Plane G1000, but no recommendations on how to remedy the problem. Additionally, I have studied the RXP GTN 750/650 Touch User’s Manual For X-Plane and have concluded I am too simple minded to find a solution on my own. If anyone has a better grasp of the configuration concepts or some insight, I could really use your help. Regards, Bob
  8. I recently upgraded my hard drive to a SSD. Unfortunately, when i open RXP GTN 750 in X-Plane i get a Invalid License Message and the GTN 750 locks up. Could someone please help me out? Regards, Bob
  9. Thanks for the prompt response. Regards, Bob
  10. While flying the Carenado S550 Citation; using the RXP GTN 750 I am unable to get the V NAV to fly the altitude constraints as indicated in the flight plan. When I disable the GTN 750 and instead use the stock X-Plane FMS the V NAV works fine. Is this plane capable of flying V NAV with the GTN 750? Regards, Bob
  11. DavidP, Thanks for the prompt response. Regards, Bob
  12. Is there a way to switch from VNAV to VCALC in V2.5.4? I really enjoyed the VCALC feature and canot figure out how to switch from the new VNAV. Regards, Bob
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