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  1. You need to set the MCP altitude to miss approach altitude before reaching MDA. Also you should disconnect the autopilot before MDA.
  2. Check your weather engine and FSUIPC wind settings. I remember once I enable wind smoothing in FSUIPC but forgot to turn off the turbulance effect, the plane will fly like an 'S'. If you have both of these enable, turn one of them off.
  3. Hello, I notice that if I takeoff with exceptionally light weights during cold days, most 3rd-party performance calculators will give me de-rate takeoff thrust even smaller than the climb 2 thrust (e.g.: TO2/58C), and thus I experience a thrust increase at the thrust-reduction height. Can this happen in the real world? Or does the Boeing’s official performance calculator never give a smaller-than-climb2 T/O thrust? Thank you!
  4. I guess the “1000” callout is capturing the RA with respect to TDZE (or just airport elev in P3D/FSX). E.g. TDZE of CYYZ/33R is 564’ so you hear “1000” callout at about 1560’ BARO, even though RA at that point is 1120’.
  5. 01A045

    777 Update

    Both the Minimum Manoeuvre Speed bar and the Minimum Speed bar in PFD seems to be too low (regardless of weight). Has PMDG fixed it yet?
  6. The problem is too hard to solve, but at the user end you can solve it simply by disabling all the 2D popups (modify the panel.cfg). Not using popups in some sense makes everything even more realistic :)
  7. It seems that it is not a 'system' fault: I do hear the spring back sound of the selector when lifting off, with 'Autobrake RTO' message gone in EICAS, but somehow the selector is still displaying at the RTO position.
  8. Hello, As I did a test flight with the update 1.10.8383.0, I noticed that the autobrake remains at the RTO position after lift off. And also I can set the autobrake to RTO in air. Anyone has the same issue? Kevin
  9. Just reinstall the update and I experienced the similar: advance thrust to 28% N1 the plane start accerating. Then reduced thrust to anything below 25% N1 the plane started to slow down but very gently, AND independent of weight setting. Kind of similar experience in the 747.
  10. That's cool. Let me try to reinstall the update
  11. The ground friction problem has been 'almost' solved by PMDG in the latest update a few hours ago. But taxing still requires a little more thrust than previous versions. I'm now waiting for FSUIPC5's ground friction modification.
  12. Same issue here. And it seems that the vls does not change for different weights.
  13. The thing is, I can achieve the same result with only 25% or 26% of N1 in previous versions. And with the LUA enable, same thing can be done with even 24% N1.
  14. Speedbrake extended in flghts. The low frequency sound makes me feel that the plane is shaking. With the 'ding' sound of seatbelt signs it reminds my 'passengers' that they should go back to seats.
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