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  1. I just wanted to jump in here to confirm that this fix does work as described! Just follow the instructions step by step. You’ll quickly see everything that is mentioned on the disassembly instructions and then you’ll start to understand it better as you look at the components that are to be removed. Nothing is very difficult if you take your time and follow the directions. The only real basic skill that is required is the knowledge on how to re-solder joints. A small soldered iron with a small tip is needed. The use of flux and some small lead solder. Additional useful items may be a magnifying glass or glasses and a well light working area. Make sure you flux of each solder joints, then reheat one connector at a time being careful not to feed too much solder so you don’t end up soldering the leads together. Only feed a small amount of solder on the joint then repeat for all the other connections as shown. I alternated soldering from one end to the other remembering each pin that I re-soldered to prevent any overheating of the circuitboard in one area. Finally, verify the continuity of each pin with a multimeter with the soldered visible connectors that are located at the top of the circuit board before reassembling. Just keep testing the each connectors until you find the corresponding soldered pins and confirm the continuity. (Note) I only saw eight screws on the bottom the joystick instead of the (9) that were mentioned in the original post and they were pretty tight. Also make sure to take pictures of all of the connections ribbons wires before removing them so you can see how they go back on. Difficulty Scale is a 3.5 out of 10 for an average handy person. Good luck!
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