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  1. Got it. I'll check it out this weekend. Thx for all the help!
  2. So if I want to have the product on multiple computers, I need to purchase the product multiple times? And the platform I'm using is FSX. And I also have a question of the licensing when I leave school, where I would uninstall them from the school computers, can I download them somewhere else or maybe just anytime later, since I purchased the product more than once.
  3. I am actually planning to set a flight club in school, and I saw the extended download services before, where it could save a lot of money without requiring new people coming in and paying 100+ Canadian dollars to buy a PMDG product to fly. But just now, I found out that the extended download services are gone and why? Will the services be back?
  4. I believe it is because sound travels slower at low temperatures. As the speed of sound, calculated by 331.3+0.606t, "t" by temperature. so it means flying at 30°C at 0.84 Mach is faster than at -50°C at 0.84 Mach
  5. In FSX......the trick I use in the PMDG is to plan my app already to the runway...hoping it is the active according to the wind direction on the map.....then start the descend, but also put in the ATIS freq. to know the active runway. Switching every few min. of the descend. Should get the ATIS at 40miles...If it changes, enter a holding, then plan the new app for the runway. ATIS only works around 40 miles off the airport...which the top of descend it like 80 miles.....just assuming. Still better than the 20 mile tower contact distance in FSX where it is already very close. Or you can just land ignoring the ATC screaming at you "You are not cleared to land, clear the runway." For every 5 sec = =.......
  6. Did you change the ILS freq.? On the PMDG Airplane's FMC. I found out that the ILS freq. that the PMDG automatically loads into it could be different than the freq. in the FSX, Where you should go to the map and check the ILS freq. in FSX, then change it in the NAV option in the FMC. Then tpye in the ILS freq. in the format of _ _ _._ _/ _ _ _ as "Freq/Heading". Say the frequency is 111,9 and heading is 10, it would be typed in as 111.90/010 then try it again!
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