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  1. Hi, I plan on building a rig in a few. My goal is the following : Current gen games at max settings and 30/60 fps always, no matter what. That is what my PC was capable of 3 years ago under the Xbox 360 standard. So in video gaming, I have the Idea, but FSX is quite special and really demanding. I dont want to switch to P3D because most of my Captain Sim addons are for FSX and I would have to re-buy everything for P3D. I have never been able to enjoy the ton of money I spent on FSX aircrafts mostly because I get between 7 and 15 fps at SFO or ORD depending on the settings. Now, I have a dream: I want to enjoy FSX maxeed up. Be able to purchase any add ons and never drop below 30fps, fly with real weather, etc etc... What kind of rig would do that? 40fps at JFK all cursors to the right REX, Ultimate TrafficX with scenery aboard the L1011 by Captain Sim which is my favorite plane so far. Since I dont know a lot about the matter, can someone give me brands and models of different CPU's Graphics Cards and motherboards ad well as some tips to enjoy FSX and Xplane fully. Thanks.
  2. SiriusXAim


    Why not? World's end not that good tho. And really expansive. Try the Devonshire Arms down Kentish Town road, it's much better and cheaper in every aspect.
  3. SiriusXAim

    Repair FS9

    Looks like it. I'll still do the clean reinstall and keep the old files so I can save most of my addons.
  4. SiriusXAim

    Repair FS9

    Ok follow Dave's advise. It says it misses scenery files and ctd when I launch a flight...
  5. SiriusXAim

    What's your favorite FS9 Airplane right now?

    I don't have any utmost favorite, so here's my picks... Freewares, there's that P51 on Avsim, by Packard Merlin. - The North American F86 by Section 8 - Posky 777 And two of french delicaties - The Restauravia Piel Emeraude - The Cessna C150 by Fravin, a Pioneer in All 3d gauges, all virtual cokpit aircrafts. Paywares, I'll go for the PMDG 747 Ifly 737 and the Messerschmitt BF109 by Flight Replicas.
  6. SiriusXAim

    Repair FS9

    Well, my flight sim 9 somewhat exploded in my face. I don't know why, but a lot of scenery files seems to have been corrupted. The weird things, I haven't installed any addons in weeks. Maybe a virus, or a glitch I dunno. My computer's been giving me hell, tough I don't care since it will soon be replaced. But anyway. My FS is dead. I don't want to reinstall EVERYTHING i have, this will take me hours. Is if not days. Are there any way to repair FS9, Even manually since the install program does not let me do anything and the 9.1 patch wont run since it's already installed... Else I have to go back to All default scenery FSX that runs at whooping 5 to 25fps whereas FS2004 can at least do me a decent 60/30 when all maxed up with payware scenery.... Else it might be bye bye fs for some time...
  7. Ok, desperate situation here : I need terrain.dll because my Fs2004 wont launch and keeps telling me the file is either missing or damaged. There are way too much addons for me to spend countless hours tomorrow to re-install everything, or having the CD installer overwrite addons and create a mess on my FS. I have FS 9.1. Eventually, does running the FS9.1 patch can solve the problem??? Thanks in advance...
  8. SiriusXAim


    Hi there, I'm Sirius XAim, or Stephen if you want my real name. 22 years old, I've been flying on Flight Simulator since 2003 and mostly use FS 2004 for framerate/addons reasons: It looks better than my fsx when maxed up and runs way smoother. I've been a DJ at Sky Blue Radio for 4 years and plan to return on the air in the following weeks once I'll have sorted out a couple of things. In real life, I live in Camden, London. I'm a freelance photographer (check Stephen Vincent Photography on Facebook if you want) bartender at a large live music venue and also DJ when I got the spare time. I enjoys a lot of things, but as long as I have booze, cigars, music and aviation in hand, I'm a happy man. On the shame side, I never figured out how to use VATSIM, or IVAO, which means I stopped on line flying when FSX multi player went down (well before that, when it had lost all of its soul). There it is for the lil presentation.