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  1. I already checked "Enable failures" option and it's disabled (tried Enabled and no change). I installed latest version V0.34 of X-IVAP
  2. Hi, I confirm all my datarefs according the manual are disabled (I checked each of them). But I found the reason of my problem. I installed X-IVAP plugin (to connect on IVAO network). And with X-IVAP plugin installed, the GTN don't work, otherwise without X-IVAP plugin, GTN work fine ! In attachment, 2 screenshots with datarefs window visible (and X-IVAP installed...GTN don't work)
  3. Hi, I'm newbie on Xplane, I used FSX/P3D since about 10 years and from 1 week I installed X-Plane 11... So my install is fresh, and I didn't change anything on it (Only somes free sceneries added) Below the content of my file Resources\plugins\Datarefs.txt that I didn't changed it :
  4. Two more screenshots for versions information. I checked again and I use V2.4 of GTN 750 and V6.21 of Garmin PC Trainer
  5. Dear all, I purchased the GTN 750 for Xplane today and everytime I try to use it, the COM panel is red and message "No GPS Position" appear on the map. I already tried to reinstall the GTN I already tried to reinstall PC Trainer I use X-plane 11 64bits (latest update) Same problem in all airports Same problem in all aircrafts I can move the map and use all menus Failures are disabled on X-plane Content of my file rxpGTN.xpl.log : 17/03/02 10:00:35.411 10044 - ] # win.xpl version Content of my file rxpGtnSim.dll.log : 17/03/02 10:00:37.650 10044 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version Screenshot in attachment. Regards.
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