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  1. eholck

    Yoke Control not responding

    Ahh...Okay, I check the gust-lock! Gust-lock - I see! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the DC6 and my GF yoke . Apparently the DC6 shall not accept this flight yoke in aileron and elevator mode. All other functions on the yoke is working just fine on the DC6 - but there is no respons (contact with DC6 yoke) in pitch and role. Any of you guys have any experience with this problem or just a qualified advice that I can benifit from? Regards Eholck
  3. eholck

    Second Monitor for upper panel

    Hello. I expect that you have had no answers so far... Here i s a suggestion from my own experience... I your graphics card allow it simply plug the extra screen/tv into the vga, pci or HD, what ever is suitable for your monitor / TV Re-boot the pc.. and then after normal startup is completed; right click the mouse and enter; Screen setup ( the third from the bottom att win 7). Hereafter you should get a page on which you have two small blue screens (1 and 2 ) depicted with two bottons showing: "Find screen" and "Identify" , to the right Below this you can choose which screen you will have as primary .. and secondary. Check that you have the right resolution ( typically it is recommended to you - in brackets) Both connected screens should respond with a large 1 or 2, - on the respective connected screen. Save or excecute your selections, and reboot the pc. That ought to be it! It seems quite intimidating the first time, but it is rather simpel. If this explenation isn´t working for you try Youtube ! for a better version. Good luck with it! Eholck Sweden