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  1. Not using this mod myself and see that you've commented about it on flightsim.to so you may already be aware but may be helpful in addressing the issue https://flightsim.to/file/43498/citation-longitude-c700-tinted-windows-fix
  2. Another possible work around for the WT G3000 white screens on the C700 found on the flightsim forum until the dakfly0209 Longitude mod is updated for SU10 XWingViper 12h I, for the most part, solved the white screen on the Longitude with 1.95. It looks like Asobo changed the names of the panels. Copy the original PANEL.CFG to the Community directory. I think there is only one difference which is the color of the Registration Number However, I see that the L/R BATT buttons do not separate the panel power as they used to. I may dig into this more?!?!?! Copy \Official\OneStore\Asobo-aircraft-longitude\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_Longitude\panel\PANEL.CFG TO: \Community\aircraft-longitudeFDEfix\SimObjects\AirPlanes\Asobo_Longitude\panel.FDEFix\
  3. Georgia KSAV (KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta is on the master list but Savannah Hilton Head KSAV would be a nice additional smaller international airport in Georgia)
  4. Further information regarding W10 KB5003690 Update for users not currently seeing it listed as an available update in Windows Update https://betanews.com/2021/06/22/microsoft-offers-bug-blasting-kb5003690-cumulative-update-to-all-supported-windows-10-versions/
  5. From the linked Microsoft page: Windows 10, version 2004, all editions Windows Server version 2004 Windows 10, version 20H2, all editions Windows Server, version 20H2, all editions Windows 10, version 21H1, all editions
  6. Bob See the attached Microsoft link KB5003690 applies to the the following OS builds 19041.1081, 19042.1081, and 19043.1081 (Versions 20H2 / 21H1) OS Build information can be located in the W10 Windows Update Related Links (OS Build Information) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/june-21-2021-kb5003690-os-builds-19041-1081-19042-1081-and-19043-1081-preview-11a7581f-2a01-47d5-ba12-431709ee2248
  7. http://www.zinertek.com/flightsimulator/enhancedairportgraphics.html
  8. Thanks Ixoye Just discovered that this action corrects the loss of external lighting
  9. Anyone else experiencing a loss of external lighting with the C700 after the recent small update to address the B787-10 CG setup? Appears to have been working as recently as Saturday, but noticed it seems to have stopped functioning properly right after the recent update Using the FDE Fix V1.84 the only available lighting are the Wing Inspection Lights No L/R Landing Lights - No Taxi Lights - No Recog Lights - No Pulse Lights - No Anti Collision Lights - No Tail Flood Lights Running the C700 without the FDE Fix V1.84 All external lighting working - except for the L/R Landing Lights Community folder has been emptied to test lighting with and without the FDE Fix V1.84 mod Perhaps dakfly0219's Cessna Citation Longitude FDE Fix V1.84 requires an update after the AS/MS update, but curious that even without the FDE Fix Mod, that the L/R Landing Lights are inop EDIT - A clean downloaded / install to community folder of dakfly0219's Cessna Citation Longitude FDE Fix V1.84 Mod (flightsim.to) has returned functionality to the C700 External Lighting
  10. Check in your "Content Manager" Should find the downloadable KATL content there
  11. Also thanks to everybody in this thread that offered possible suggestions for fixing this problem....much appreciated
  12. Hi Jim Thanks very much....this absolutely corrected the problem and the Longitude content is back At first I didn't think this sounded radical at all, I thought it seemed like almost too simple a solution to the problem....but knowing that I had already borked the Longitude and nothing that anybody had suggested in order to get it back had worked up to this point....and also realizing that I was rapidly approaching the point of residing myself to having to preform a complete reinstall, and any associated problems that may present in order to get it back if the next update didn't somehow do that....I figured what more damage could I possible do to it by just completely deleting the Longitude folder as you suggested and seeing if it would show up in the Content manager as being available to install? I tried to cheat it at first and just attempted to 'move' the Longitude folder completely outside of the installation and hide it in Documents, but Asobo/MS were having none of that nonsense and wouldn't allow that to happen, so I pulled the trigger and just deleted it. Now it was sitting in the recycle bin, and much like the layout.json sitting right beside it, that was the original source of this whole problem, it was not going to let me move it back out of there no matter what happened next. I knew that I was committed at this point I had already downloaded the patch that was made available earlier this morning, and that hadn't changed status of the Longitude being missing, but I really didn't expect that it would have, if an update was going to recreate the Longitude content, I thought it would be something more major that just a patch, so the sim was already closed when I followed your suggestion of completely deleting the folder So I opened the sim and went into the Content Manager, and the Longitude was right there waiting as available content to download just as you suggested that it would be, I was stunned, not that you were right about this, but that the solution was so simple after spending so much time trying every possible suggestion that people here had made in order to get it back with no success So thanks again for the suggestion and the solution Jim, and for removing the last resort possibility of having to preform a complete reinstall. I'll for sure make a mental note about your solution and pass it along to anyone else that may encounter a similar issue
  13. Hi Robin Sorry to hear that you've had this problem with your installation and that you haven't been able to get much in the way of help from the people over at the Zendesk Think it's safe to say that everybody is having a love/hate relationship with MSFS up to this point depending on what day of the week it is and whether or not the latest current update has improved or broken anything in their installation....probably a 50/50 chance of it going either way....we're all hoping that the sim gets better and updates become a thing to look forward to....and not something to be concerned about My problem was isolated to the layout.json file in the Longitude content, so without question your issue is on a much larger scale that I'm unable to offer any suggestions on how to possibly address, but I did want to make one small possible suggestion for an application that I use and has been really useful in cleaning up any left over residual entries in the registry that are buried deep in W10 and can cause problems when attempting to preform a reinstall of any program You may be aware of this and have already used it, and admittedly I've never had to use it for MSFS, but I have used it multiple times for FSX when doing a reinstall and other much more complex programs, and can say without any doubt, that it absolutely works in finding and allowing you to delete left over registry items in W10 that would otherwise cause problems when attempting to reinstall a program https://www.revouninstaller.com/products/revo-uninstaller-free/ There is also a paid version of Revo Uninstaller, but if you wanted to give this a try and see if it helps at all, just use the free version for the time being. The UI is really easy to use and it's not all all complicated if you just want it to find and delete anything left over in the registry after uninstalling a program. Somebody recommended this to me some time ago when I was having a problem with left over entries in the registry that were causing problems when trying to do a reinstall I don't know if this will be useful in trying to get your installation back to where it should be Robin, but wanted to offer it as a possible suggestion just in case it helped
  14. Good point to make for Steam users James I'm using the MS Store version, but do have some other unrelated content on Steam, and the verify file integrity function does work well for that other content if a game file goes rogue and needs to be replaced, but clearly for Steam users of MSFS, this function is virtually the same as doing a complete reinstall of the complete 95GB of file content It would be easy for a Steam user to think this function would simply isolate and replace the required file
  15. Hi Vic Windows 'tricks' me almost everyday into thinking that it's going to do what it's supposed to do....not really much different than the wife...but that's another story In theory this sounds like a good workaround, but the layout.json file just didn't want to cooperate and refused to be moved into the ZIP But there is more optimistic news to report further down this thread
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